Interview: Elliot Moss

We recently featured New York’s Elliot Moss on our new music blog. It got a great response so we decided to have a chat with the main man himself, to discuss his upcoming show at The Lexington in London and more!

What was the first live show you ever went to?

Um, I’m not actually sure. Probably someone one of my friends wanted to see, but I can’t remember! Early on, I didn’t go to a lot of shows, but that changed!

Your track “Slip” was used as the soundtrack to a dance sequence that went viral, how did that come about?

It came as a total surprise to me! Saw it with everyone else as it started to pop up everywhere. Those two are incredible.


We love the official video for “Slip” too, what’s the concept behind the paint imagery?

I think THUMP said it really well – “a girl’s walk from the city to nature, where she promptly dives under the weight of the tune and is washed clean.”

Have you ever had any DIY disasters yourself?

Yes. I once spent a couple of weeks – more like a month – trying to build an army of drum robots for an idea I had… maybe someday. For now, they sit in a drawer.

You played the first edition of Bon Iver’s Eaux Claires festival in July, was his involvement something that encouraged you to take part in the project?

Of course. Justin is a wonderful songwriter with wonderful ideas, so my hunch was that his festival would be just as wonderful. It was one of my favorite shows to date.

What was the last live show you went to (that wasn’t your own)?

Since Eaux Claires festival I’ve been back at home working on tunes… saw lots of talented acts there.. Enough to hold me over for a bit!

Come September, you’re going to be playing at our local The Lexington – make sure you try the Jerk Chicken Burger! Lisa Mitchell + Holly Macve are part of the bill too, what can tell us about those guys?

Perfect! It’s a done deal..

Lisa is a wonderful singer-songwriter from Wales, and while I’ve only heard one song of Holly’s, it was fantastic and I’m looking forward to hearing more. Going to be a great night!


Which performer is responsible for the best live show you ever saw?

David Byrne and St. Vincent. I don’t think I’ve ever been so fixed on a show like that. It seemed like everything (I mean everything) had been tirelessly choreographed and thought out, but they pulled it off in such an effortless and masterful way.

We’re coming to New York in October for CMJ; can you recommend us some hang out spots?

Well – see who’s playing at Rough Trade and Baby’s All Right… both are great spots. If you’re hungry around Rough Trade.. M. Shanghai on Grand in Williamsburg is fantastic… Cafe Colette for brunch/lunch (says Devin, my drummer.) I trust his taste.

You close your debut album with the track “VCR” so what is the best thing you’ve ever seen on VCR?

You know, I had this HUGE VHS camcorder that I made all sorts of dumb videos with in middle school with my friends (just “editing” by hitting record and pausing.) they were never any good, but that thing was my prized possession. So I think watching back and laughing at ourselves was the best thing I’ve ever seen on VHS.


Tickets to see Ellliot perform at The Lexington on 29 Sept are on sale now HERE

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