Interview: ALXNDR

It’s all go for ALXNDR at the moment. They’ve just announced a huge UK tour so I had a quick catch up with Anth, James and Drew from the band to see what’s going on!

Hi guys! How are we all?

Anth: We’re wicked thanks Tom! How are you doing mate?

Very well thanks! It’s been all change since we last spoke! What’s new? 

A: Loads! We’ve jigged our name slightly, we found ourselves using ALXNDR more as a logo etc so we’re rolling with that now. We love vowels though, just decided to leave them out for a bit. Also if people haven’t noticed yet we’re a 3-piece now. Our brother Jamie loved every minute of being in the band but unfortunately this next step of commitment is something he wasn’t ready to do.

James: We totally understand that though, nothing but love here! You sometimes get to a certain stage as a band where you think ‘shit man this is about to get heavy’ and Jamie didn’t feel ready for that.

A: Yeah it’s bitter sweet really. We’ve lost a brother but we’ve gained good news left right and centre! Onwards and upwards from here, we feel stronger than we’ve ever been right now.

You released the Rwnd EP last month, were you pleased with the reception it got? 

A: Yeah it was so nuts! We charted in iTunes and everything. We had some pretty mental calls from people we look up to complementing our work which blew me away for sure. We’ll always love that EP for the response it got alone.

Drew: Oh yeah it was on another level! We didn’t expect that at all. Thanks so much to everyone that picked up a copy!

J: Unbelievable! For our debut EP, so humbling that we have so many cool listeners out there.

Has it been a challenge adapting songs written as a four-piece to work as a three-piece?

A: With the songs written as a four piece we’re still going to make sure we capture what we recorded in our live show, we definitely think that’s important. With our new stuff, we’re looking forward to showcasing what we can do as a 3-piece. Really excited to show you our new tracks live as well as the RWND EP. We feel so comfortable in our song writing right now, we’re experimenting with so many different sounds, it’s dope.

J: Our new EP is out in April by the way! Well excited for that.

You’re going on tour in April! What can we expect? 

A: An absolutely badass show!

D: We’ll bring the grooves, you bring the beers.

What else is on the agenda for 2016? 

A: New music, new tours, new love. SO MUCH.

J: Next year is looking to be mint for us, really diggin our plans so far.

D: More TicketWeb interviews with you, Tom mate. Are we seeing you at London in April?? Xx

Yes you will. Tickets for ALXNDR’s upcoming tour can be found at www.ticketweb.co.uk/alxndr 

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