Hooded Fang’s TicketWeb Interview


Last week we ran up a massive phone bill speaking mobile to Canada with Dan from Hooded Fang ahead of their UK tour, but it was worth it.


Check out Hooded Fang’s tour dates here and read our interview below…


TW: Alright Dan, how’s it going?


D: Yeah, good.


TW: Where are you now?


D:Erm…we’re in the van, driving from Montreal to Toronto, then we’ll be driving back to Montreal …then in a few weeks we’ll be driving back to Montreal.


TW: Is there quite a bit of that then, back and forth from Montreal to Toronto for you guys?


D: Yeah, a little bit, it’s okay though.


TW: The first album had a pretty British C-86 indie-pop sound, where as the new album (Tosta Mista) has a more mature 60s garage vibe, is that what you guys have been listening to recently?


D: Well I don’t think the first album sounded that British, we were probably listening to more British stuff for this album, Joe Meek (ed: legendary 60’s producer – check him out), people like that.


TW: Everyone’s drenching everything in reverb these days but you guys seem to be, dare we say it, the funkier side of the garage rock coin. Is that a conscious thing?


D: Not really, it’s just how it comes out. We just like the songs that are fun to play live so those are the ones that go on the record.


TW: Where does the name Hooded Fang come from by the way?


D: It’s just the title of a book by a Canadian author we all like (ed: Mordecai Richler). There’s nothing particular about the book other than we all liked it.


TW: Tell us about Dap Records (ed: Dan’s own record label).


D: Yeah, there’s 3 of us in it together, it’s pretty cool putting out records by people you like.


TW: Here’s your chance then, which Canadian bands should we be listening out for?


D: Oh there’s loads of good Canadian bands Odonis Odonis, Beta Frontiers, Hellaluya, The Soup Cans, Young Mother, John Mills – You’re So Boss….


TW: Cool…Do you ever getting bogged down in the business side of it all?


D: Well, you know, you gotta go through the motions, get it recorded, get it printed…but it’s worth it.


TW: Does it get tough balancing that with Hooded Fang commitments?


D: Nah, like I say we share it out…


TW: You were over here last in May, just a few months ago – is there anything that you missed from last time or something you definitely want to catch this time around?


D: The big ferris wheel in Brighton, definitely want to get on that. Apart from that…er…meet more people?…dress up more?


TW: Do you have any tunes you always bring with you on tour?


D: Yeah, Joe Meek – Sleep. There’s always some rap on the bus, Wu-Tang, something like that, our drummer always brings the rap and Lane ( lead guitarist) always plays Deer Hoof, I mean I love Deer Hoof, but it’s like, Deer Hoof again?


TW: But it never comes to blows?


D: No, we’re alright.


TW: Anything you always run out of on tour?


D: Clean clothes, I used to be a lot happier to wear dirty ones than I am now. Food, there’s never enough food,  gas.


TW: You need to stick more of that on the rider!


D: Yeah, maybe we should!


TW: Okay just 4 question we ask everyone now, 1st gig?


D: Probably Bruce Springsteen, I was about 8 to 10 years old, I remember smelling weed for the first time.


TW: Last gig?


D: Ariel Pink in Montreal, that was great.


TW: Best gig?


D: Aw I don’t know, basement shows I guess.


TW: And the worst?


D: Oh those all just blur into one.


TW: Okay cool thanks for that, good luck with the tour and everything.


D: Thanks, really looking forward to coming over again, see ya!


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