Gig Review: Jamie xx @ O2 Academy Glasgow

Words by Michaela McElroy.

With a Motown introduction of ‘Jamie’ by Eddie Holland, Mercury Prize nominee Jamie xx receives a warm welcome by the keen to party crowd. The crowd lose themselves in Jamie xx’s hypnotic transitions, snapping back to the room when the song drops. He blasts long, powerful, droning bass sequences, which send rushes of energy through the floor, through the bodies of the crowd, leaving electrifying sensations in our ears.

The piercing synthesisers and sharp drum sounds from ‘The Rest Is Noise’ is accompanied with captivating blue strobe lights that gleam off of the disco ball and onto the ceiling. The dancers pause and gaze at the lights like they are children again, experiencing a feeling of soothing as they watch their baby mobiles circle round. Jamie xx lifts the rooftop off of the O2 Academy and we are staring at the night sky, mesmerised by our own manmade Milky Way. The angelic vocals and piano descends are uplifting, making the crowd feel revitalised. Although Jamie xx doesn’t speak to the crowd, his music speaks volumes. He transmits his commands within the rhythms of his music. They know when to cheer, they know when to move.

He draws the crowd back to the room with thundering bass, reminding them where they are, and why they are here. They are here to dance.

Jamie xx ends his set with the crowd praisingly reaching towards him; he reaches back, applauding the crowd as they erupt for him. Staying hidden behind his decks and strobe lights for his performance, the godlike figure takes a step forward, humbled; he toasts the crowd before they set off making their way to Glasgow city centre to keep the party going.

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