Gig Review: Grandmaster Flash @ Audio, Glasgow

Words and photo by Michaela McElroy.

Arriving over an hour late from playing a DJ set in Dundee, Grandmaster Flash turns up to Audio in a personalised Grandmaster Flash branded tracksuit and matching hat. The Bronx born DJ focuses his set on R’n’B classics from the ‘90s and ‘00s with modest nods to snippets of his own hits. He briefly acknowledges contemporary R’n’B, playing the greatly successful ‘Can’t Feel My face’ by The Weeknd and Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ smash hit ’Uptown Funk’.  Between track switches, the Grandmaster makes the most of these opportunities to show off the legendary scratching skills that made him so recognisable, making beats within beats. However, the already pulsating music isn’t quite loud enough for the Grandmaster, he demands the sound engineer to “crank it up a little” forcing the crowd to have no other option but to dance.

With a natural feel towards what satisfies the crowd, alongside his frequent reminders to “move around”, Grandmaster Flash’s decades of experience comes to surface. He puts the crowd into a state of trance, making his late arrival forgotten.

After his hour and a half setlist, a gleeful Grandmaster Flash climbs off stage, shaking hands of appreciative sweat-drenched dancers, before leaving them behind to prepare for his next set.

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