Gaz Coombes’ TicketWeb Interview

Gaz Coombes TicketWeb Interview – Catch Gaz on Tour here

Gaz Coombes


Legendary Supergrass & Hot Rats frontman Gaz Coombes spoke to us just before he heads off on tour! Read the Interview below and check out all Gaz’s tour dates here:


TW: Alright Gaz? How’s it going?


GC: Pretty good.


TW: Where are you and what are you up to right now?


GC: At the minute I’m at home, just getting set for a friend’s wedding.


TW: Nice. Right, just wanted to ask a bit about the new album.


GC: Yeah go ahead.


TW: We’ve heard that you drew inspiration for your album from TV reports about conflicts in Libya, was that an issue you wanted to draw attention to?


GC: Yeah, a lot gets made of that, but it felt natural to write about what was going on when we were making the album, the craziness of war and what was happening.


TW: So you don’t fancy becoming 2012’s answer to Bob Geldoff?


GC: Ha! No, I mean, I really admire those people but it’s not for me.


TW: Your pretty famous for your side burns, do you feel under pressure from any of the new pretenders to the thrown like Bradley Wiggins?


GC: Ha! Nah, he’s a bystander in the side burns stakes. He’d beat me on a bike though. I’m a massive fans of his, well done to ‘im.


TW: You’ve got a wife and kids now which is very grown up, does it get a bit difficult to balance that with being in a band and everything that can involve?


GC: Well, it has it’s moments, you just have to get organised I guess, get punctual. It’s different yeah, but it’s a full life, it’s good.


TW: You’re about to head out on tour, got anything special planned?


GC: Well the new band sounds really fresh. They are basically the cream of Oxford, including my younger brother Charlie, and they are really loud. We’ll have a few covers thrown in too and a few surprises from the back catalogue, acoustic versions of songs that people won’t have heard before.


TW: Cool! There’s a track on the new album, Hot Fruit, that builds around a drum loop, have you got a bunch of new toys that you’re trying out on this album?


GC: No we’ve always been in to that really. Trying out new sounds, that sort of thing.


TW: Are there new bands that you’re into right now?


GC: Yeah, definitely – people like The XX & Alt-J. You know, they’re coming out of school and doing their thing.


TW: How’s it changed since that was you?


GC: Technology and financial backing. When we got signed it was all about the record label signing up some hot shot director and spending £200K on a video. It’s not like that any more, these kids today have to make their own videos and the technology about now means they can. I think it’s probably better like that but it’s hard.


TW: Okay just a few questions we ask everyone now. First gig?


GC: Oh, probably The Wedding Present in Oxford.


TW: Last gig?


GC: Midlake at the O2 in Oxford – I know the guys.


TW: Do you ever get any hassle in Oxford being a local celeb and all?


GC: It’s alright, all part of the job, people are pretty sound.


TW: Best gig?


GC: Bowie, a few years ago, he did the whole Low album which was one of my favourites. Amazing record & he was in good shape.


TW: Worst?


GC: Oh, I don’t remember any bad ones.


TW: Well that’s all good then, good luck on tour.


GC: Thanks, looking forward to getting round the country &  seeing the familiar faces, and some new ones.

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