Frank Carter Talks About New Album Blossom

Over the weekend we have been giving some pretty heavy rotation to “Blossom”, the new album from Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes which dropped on Friday (along with Frank’s trousers when he posted this candid self-portrait). It’s a real punk salvo that is sure to satisfy the blood-lust of anyone who’s enjoyed Carter’s previous incarnations, as well as attract some new converts. We grabbed 5 minutes with the former Gallows & Pure Love front-man to get his insight on the new record.

“I started this band in my garage in February and to see how many people are connecting with the music is something none of us expected.” muses Carter. “It’s gained momentum like a steam train.”

Like the bonfire inspired artwork that adorns the LP’s cover, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes live shows have had an incendiary quality since day-one. Take a look below at footage from their first ever gig which took place at Sang Bleu, the London tattoo studio and artistic space co-owned by Frank and his wife Sarah.

For a man who’s been part of the hardcore landscape for over a decade, Carter’s passion & ambition for music shows no sign of waning. But having experienced the many facets of the music industry, what are his real goals this time around? “I don’t care about the charts.” confesses Carter, “But as it stands Blossom is truly on course to drive a punk shaped whole in them. To people who are planning to buy it, I say get it in the first week and we can all give a middle finger to those bands who live and die by their chart position”.

Whatever happens, this is just the start for the Rattlesnakes.

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