The Fly Awards – Our Fave Controversial Awards Moments

Since the announcement earlier in the week that The Fly will be hosting their very own awards ceremony next year, we’ve gone into a nostalgic awards-show-overdrive! To celebrate, we’ve banged our heads together and come up with our favourite controversial/awkward Awards Show Moments.

Don’t forget, tickets for the Foals show at Liverpool’s EVAC on Feb 2nd and the awards ceremony at The Forum on Feb 8th go on sale via an exclusive presale at 9am this Friday. You can get access to this presale by signing up here!


Robbie vs Liam at the 200 Brit Awards


Jarvis Cocker moons Michael Jackson at the 1995 Brit Awards


Peter Kay calling Liam Gallgher a ‘nobhead’ at The Brits in 2010


Taylor Swift vs Kanye West ‘I’mma let you finish…’ MTV Awards 2009

Kanye Taylor


Bob Geldof called Russell Brand a very bad word at the NME Awards 2006


KLF vs ENT at Brit Awards 1992




Madonna Kisses Britney (and Christina Aguilera) at the VMAs 2003


Mich Fleetwood, Sam Fox and their super-dodgy autocute at the Brit Awards 1989


We decided to leave a certain 2013 VMA performance out of this list, just in the interest of everyone’s sanity. We’d almost forgotten about it, if that’s even possible.


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