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Festival Guide: Star Shaped Festival

Flash back two decades, London was swinging, Britannia was cool and UK bands were the pearly kings and queens of the airwaves and main stages.  Armed with inhumanely catchy songs about crap boyfriends, rainy afternoons and cheap excess fuelled hangovers, Britpop offered a quintessentially raised eyebrow in response to the previous years of music’s US domination and unsurprisingly the genre term was soon used to describe every gaggle of likely lads and ciggy-waving starlets who sailed in on the coattails of Blur.

Obviously today we know that smoking on Top of the Pops isn’t cool and that Menswe@r’s ‘Daydreamer’ is just a bit too annoying, but we at TicketWeb are ready to throw on our circle-rimmed sunglasses, grab a beer or a champers and get swaggering to some of the greats of the mid ’90s at this summer’s Star Shaped Festival.  

Tickets are available from TicketWeb right now, but before you rush off to snag yours, here’s our definitive guide to who’s on and when.

What is it?

Every month Star Shaped’s club night parties like it’s 1995, hosting events in venues all over the UK.  The Star Shaped DJs, who’ve opened for Noel Gallagher and soundtracked many a raucous after-party spin the biggest and boldest tunes ever to grace the pages of Melody Maker.  Giving misshapes, mistakes, misfits a welcome chance to pose and pout the night away to record box of Suede, Kula Shaker and Inspiral Carpets, to name but a few of the Britpop classics.

The Star Shaped Festival is the night’s foray into live music and is actually more accurately a tour, with the same bill dropping in at your local O2 venue.  Promising 6 bands, 4 cities and 1 massive celebration of Britpop, Star Shaped will be delivering a nostalgic feel-good session to rival most outdoor shindigs this summer.

When is it?

29.07.17 – O2 Institute Birmingham

05.08.17 – O2 Forum Kentish Town, London

12.08.17 – O2 ABC Glasgow

19.08.17 – O2 Ritz Manchester

Who’s on?

Only six of the most defining acts of the Britpop genre stable.  Read our Trainspotters guide below

The Bluetones

From Hounslow, west London, brothers Mark and Scott Morrison, plus Adam Devlin and Ed Chesters formed in 1993 and spoilt us with jangly indie classics ‘Bluetonic’ and ‘Slight Return’, which only missed out on being UK Number One single ‘cause of Babylon Zoo’s ‘Spaceman’ being #1 – you don’t get much more 90s than that


Smart, sassy, sexy songs seemingly about working in shops and keeping the rain off your hair.  Fronted by the effortlessly sexy Louise Wener, the archetype of all our girlfriend’s since.  Backed by a band of men so unidentifiable they spawned the phrase slash insult, Sleeper-Blokes


In two words – Good Enough. You’d be forgiven for thinking that ubiquitous Brit smash ‘Good Enough’ was all there ever was about this midlands trio, but you’d be wrong.  Their three albums ‘The Dodgy Album’, ‘Homegrown’ and ‘Free Peace Sweet’ were absolute linchpin records of the era; chances are if you drove a knackered old VW van to Glastonbury you listened to nothing but all three back to back the whole way from Warrington, or wherever your mate bought the van was.

My Life Story

Packing their own orchestra, fronted by he of gelled cowlick fame, Jake Shillingham, My Life Story burst onto the Britpop scene in the late 90s thanks to their sophomore album ‘The Golden Mile’.

Salad (Undressed)

Formed in London in 1992 with Dutch singer Marijne van der Vlugt on the keyboard and lead vocal duties. The group gave Britpop timeless gems like ‘Motorbike to Heaven’ and they even sang a duet with the Specials’ Terry Hall on the seminal 1995 charity album ‘Help’


Deliberately over the top, with darkly humorous lyrics, the Liverpudlian quartet known as Space won legions of fans thanks to their enormous singles of the 90’s ‘The Female of the Species’ and ‘Neighbourhood’. 

I’m in! Star Shaped sounds brilliant and I want a ticket NOW! 

You’re in luck! Tickets on sale now at www.ticketweb.co.uk/starshaped 

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