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Festival Guide: Spotlight

Want to discover some new musical talent at live gigs completely free of charge? ... Us too! Here's all you need to know about Camden Assembly's Spotlight series.

Camden High Street’s most vibrant live music venue Camden Assembly launches 2018 with its expansive Spotlight season, featuring brand new musical talent curated by some of the world’s best promoters, labels and music industry folk.

What’s Spotlight then?

Having a quiet January can do one; because from 5th January, the iconic music venue in the heart of London’s Camden Town is opening itself up for a month-long season of new music nights.  The series aims to put the ‘Spotlight’ on artists the Camden Assembly team believe are the ones to watch for 2018. They’ve also enlisted brands and curators to champion their own new talent and teamed up with Ticketweb to provide free tickets to each show. This is your chance to see these artists in an intimate setting before going on to greater things.

Camden Assembly Promotions Manager James Anniballi says “We champion new music across all genres throughout the year and this mini-series encapsulates the incredible variety of emerging talent.  We decided to launch the SPOTLIGHT series to champion acts we think, along with our curators, will make an impact in 2018.”  On the artists performing he adds “We hope it will be a key stepping stone for acts looking to kick off 2018 with a bang.”

Where’s it happening?

Why upstairs at the Camden Assembly of course!  Newly refurbished, offering fantastic sound and the best stage lighting EVER!  It really is a sight to behold.  Plus Camden Assembly’s intimate 200 capacity live room makes it ideal for emerging acts who are on the cusp of greatness

Who’s playing?

Camden Assembly have recruited some of TicketWeb’s favourite live music aficionados to bring over 50 performers to Spotlight in 2018, including Live Nation Source, Killing Moon Records, Reverb Nation, Hot Vox Promotions, BBC1 Extra’s DJ ACE, London In Stereo and Disaster Artists.  Drop in any evening and you can be entertained by artists as diverse as East London’s Brit Wave upstarts SHINERS, West London Rock band Mantra, melodic rockers Duke of Wolves, rapper KarimThaPeasant or soul vocalist Tiana Major 9.

SHINERS – Generation Y (Disaster Artists X Spotlight – Wed 10th Jan)

Mantra – I Want (Killing Moon X Spotlight – Tues 9th Jan)

Duke of Wolves – They Laugh (Solo Agency X Spotlight – 30th Jan)

KarimThaPeasant – THUGGA (KarimThaPeasant presents – 26th Jan)

Tiana Major 9 – (DJ ace x The Record Box presents – 21st Jan)

There’s also loads more incredible artists lined up to play the Spotlight series. Check em out:

OK – forget Dry January – I want some Spotlight action.

That’s great!  Tickets are completely free, you can snare them for whichever show you fancy over… here: ticketweb.co.uk/spotlight

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