EICC Venue 150 Fringe Preview

Comedy. Who doesn’t like comedy? Admittedly, there’s always going to be a divide between who you and your mates think are good, but ultimately, there is not one single human being in the world who doesn’t enjoy a good old chortle. Even evil dictators.


We digress. Venue 150 at the EICC plays host to some of the finest comedy talent every year as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – which is the world’s largest arts festival – set in the heart of Scotland’s capital city. This year at The Fringe there are 3193 shows from 47 countries in 299 venues. The Edinburgh Fringe is notorious for breaking rising comedic starts into becoming household names, and every year features some of the finest up and coming talent, as well as some of the most famous names in the funny-game. Venue 150 will is no exception to this rule; check out who these guys have got in this year – tickets here!

Daniel Sloss – a rising star of the comedy scene, Daniel Sloss was the youngest person ever to perform a solo season in the West End. Now he’s a mainstay on comedy shows across the globe! (31 July – 24 August 2014 (excl. 20 Aug))

Jimeoin – possibly one of the longest standing comedians playing at Venue 150, Jimeoin knows a thing or two about life. Here he is, talking about Beyoncé… (31 July – 24 August)

Alan Davies – Mr Jonathan Creek, a hilarious, long-standing comedian who cut his teeth at the Edinburgh Festival and has gone on to have his own permanent show on Stephen Fry-fronted QI. (6 – 9 August)

Francesca Martinez – our favourite ‘wobbly lady’, Francesca has Cerebral Palsy but hasn’t let that stand in the way of her being absolutely hilarious and brilliantly self-deprecating. (8, 9, 11, 15, 16 August)

Jimmy Carr – Funny Business is Jimmy’s brand new stand up show. Come for the witty and incisive musings on the human condition; stay for the knob gags. (15, 16, 22 & 23 August)

Miranda Sings – the brainchild of Colleen Ballinger from the US, Miranda is, according to her Twitter profile, “a really famous actor/singer/dancer/model/magician on YouTube”. You can see the proof in the video below. (13 – 17 August)

But it’s not all just funny stuff at The Fringe – as an arts festival that takes in all corners of our spherical world, there’s a lot more to be discovered. On top on an incomparable comedy programme, Venue 150 also plays host to some diverse and rich productions. Not sure where to start? We’ve broken it down for you.

Barrowland Ballet – Tiger & Tiger Tale

Two production offerings here, both telling the tale of a troubled family being invaded by a tiger. Emotional yet comic, this show is fully immersive. The latter, Tiger Tale, is a child friendly show, so a good one to attend if you’re bringing your nippers to the festival. (1 – 19 August 2014 (excl. 4 & 11 Aug))

Booking Dance Festival – Showcase & Split Bill

The Booking Dance Festival is a festival within a festival – absolute madness, we know. Performed by some of the best dance companies from the USA, both these shows are set to be unforgettable. They’ve had countless rave reviews, “not to be missed” ThreeWeeks even said. Hear, hear. (13 – 17 August & 16 & 17 August respectively)

Louisiana State University Origin

An allegory of a fictitious species on a distant planet, using areal fabric and a football-like structure that’s three metres in diameter. Science geeks, this is one for you.

Philharmonic of Wit

Taking the classics you know and love and switching them up, this is an orchestra of nineteen professional musicians and opera singers who can basically play any music. Ever. Be prepared to cross genres without even blinking. (31 July – 24 August 2014 (excl. 21 Aug))

Ten Drum Art Percussion Group/Performance Infinity – Impression of Taiwan

As the name would suggest, these guys are from Taiwan – they’ve been nominated for a Grammy. Have you been nominated for a Grammy? We thought not. (1 – 24 August (excl. 11, 18 & 20 Aug))


What is the spirit of the festival?
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the world’s largest arts festival. This year it runs from 1-25 August and will take over the city with a cultural explosion of performances across genres such as comedy, dance, drama, music and burlesque.
Our own venue transforms from the EICC to Venue 150 and we are hosting some of the biggest and most vibrant acts on the Fringe. This year we have TV favourites Jimmy Carr and Alan Davies, as well as comedians Daniel Sloss, Jimeoin and Francesca Martinez.

Who is the festival for?
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is truly for everyone. There are so many genres represented, which means that you’ll find a show to enjoy, no matter your age or cultural interests.

Is there anything we should definitely be checking off site?
There is such a huge number of stand-up comedy shows to choose from across the city. If you enjoy music, theatre and dance, then the Made in Scotland series have a huge programme of shows, with a several taking place at Summerhall and two performing here at Venue 150
This year’s festival also includes Taiwan Season which has been brought to the city by Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture. It is set to be a fantastic showcase of Taiwan’s performing arts such as contemporary dance and physical theatre

What about onsite?
One of the ‘must-see’s’ at Venue 150 this year is musical-comedy, the Philharmonic of Wit. The performers are famous in Poland for their prime-time TV show. Their show for the Fringe is completely unique, featuring an orchestra of nineteen musicians and opera singers who play everything from Bach, through to heavy metal.
And, of the Made in Scotland series, Barrowland Ballet are bringing Tiger, along with Tiger Tale for children, which is set to be a captivating show in an interactive stage set which allows the audience get up close to enjoy the performance.

Are there any special features at this year’s festival?
This year, four performances at Venue 150 will be British Sign Language (BSL) interpreted, for the Deaf Community, by Catherine King. Catherine is renowned for her ability to deliver BSL with perfect comic timing and will interpret two shows each for Jimeoin and Daniel Sloss on 15 and 23 August.
For a full listing of all shows at Venue 150 at EICC this August go to


So there you have it! Wanna get involved? Tickets on sale here.


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