Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Roll up roll up, Edinburgh Festival Fringe has returned, boasting its usual all-encompassing array of arts and amusement. There’s everything from theatre, comedy, dance, circus, cabaret, musicals and more, delightfully spread across the Scottish capital for three weeks in August.

Did you know that the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world? Well it is, you have read it on the internet therefore it must be true. Last year there was over 50,000 performances hosted by the festival over the three weeks. Amazing right? The only downside to this much entertainment however, is not knowing what to see.

That’s where we come in. We have compiled a list of the must see performers who will be taking to the stage this time around. Check it out:

Ben Hanlin will blow your mind with his unique style of comedic magic.

The ever ridiculous Beth Vyse will have you chuckling throughout.

English comedian of the year 2015 Brennan Reece is certainly worth checking out.

Phil Wang, Jason Forbes and George Fouracres make up the comedy sketch trio Daphne, they promise to be ridiculous and hysterical live.

Darren Connell takes a different approach when performing, with brilliant results.

Darren Walsh just gets better and better every time he performs.

Grainne Maguire pokes as much fun at herself than anyone else, which is a real crowd pleaser

No one takes the piss out of modern society like James Veitch, have a look at when he was enlisted for a Ted talk.

Jimmy McGhie is an internationally regarded comedian who has seen great success performing in the UK comedy circuit.

Don’t miss Kai Humphries who tells brilliant tales of his shamelessness and obviously true stories of his family and friends.

You will definitely want to see Katherine Ryan who has appeared on multiple British panel shows and has rocked the Apollo

Lazy Susan  is a downright bonkers live show that needs to be seen to be believed and fully appreciated.

Lloyd Griffith is a comedian, a professional choirboy and a good looking guy. He took his debut solo show to Edinburgh fringe festival in 2014 to rave reviews.

Mark Nelson will have you in stitches, his accent adds to his already hilarious shows.

Northern Ireland’s answer to Kevin Bridges, Micky Bartlett is widely hailed as one of the funniest and fastest rising stars on the live stand-up circuit.

We all love Mr. G and his unforgettable brand of musical comedy.

Musical comedian Rachel Parris was nominated for best music or variety act in the 2014 Chortle Awards.

The undeniably clever and hilarious Rhys James is definitely worth checking out.

Seann McLoughlin has excellently refined his craft in recent years, he’s been making people laugh since his student years and is now a formidable force in the comedy game.

Bill Burr has been very busy of late creating and starring in the animated Netflix original series F is for Family. He is best known for his excellent stand up shows and is an unmissable act at this year’s Fringe.

It’s safe to say the lineup is stacked and you should try your best to see as many of the above outstanding performers over the course of the festival.

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