Club NME: TicketWeb Chats To Hidden Charms

Hidden Charms are currently in the middle of a 4 week residency at Club NME at KOKO. We sat down with Vincent from the band to discuss all things Friday night.

What do you usually do on Friday nights when you’re not providing the entertainment at Club NME?

Well, pretty much since we started we’ve been playing Friday nights on tour so not too many Fridays in London. There has been the odd after party, which involves a lot of loud music and general debauchery. But before we started we used to do that without the gig so not much has changed really.


What’s the closest you’ve got to a weekend that could have been straight out of The Hangover?

There were a few parties in New York that we threw when we played out there which did get quite mad. Certain members of the band may have ended up in dresses, and others may have ended up in the bath…There was some Pink Floyd, transvestites and some people wearing Hidden Charms T-shirts. There were Yeti’s. The whole time it was amazing and it all seems to blur into one long night… but I think it was about 4 nights.

What are your ultimate Friday night party jams?

Simon Says – Pharoah Monch

Brick House -The Commodores

Jumping Jack Flash – The Stones

Interstellar Overdrive – Pink Floyd

What are you drinking – do you have a tipple of choice?

Of Course it’s Jägermeister and Jägermeister only.

How long do you spend looking in the mirror before you’re ready to hit the town?

Long enough to look OK without being self-indulgent.

You’re at a club, where can we expect to find you – loitering at the bar, throwing some shapes on the dance floor, chatting someone up, sitting in a corner?

Actually you would find Josh loitering at the bar, Ranald throwing shapes on the dance floor, Oscar chatting someone up and me (Vincent) loitering at the corner of the bar chatting someone up whilst I throw shapes.

You’ve just left the club and you’re looking for a 4am snack, what’s your go-to post-club grub?

The nearest Kebabery. In a life of touring they seem to be a mainstay in my diet.

Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever spotted on a night out?

We went to a party that Alex Turner was at once, I suppose that’s pretty famous! Ranald did a twerk with Miley Cyrus too one time, maybe that’s a good one.


What’s your best/worst journey home story? Ever got stranded in the middle of nowhere?

When we first went on the road we got paid so little that the only way we could do it was to use Megabus, whilst our angel of a manager would take the equipment in the Warrington Karate van to wherever we where playing. We got stuck on a broken down bus for 4 hours on the way back from Glasgow, which itself was a 10 hour journey. We also got stuck in Czech Republic and had to sleep in a KFC car park too.

Worst Friday night injury – Frinjury, if you will?

I once got my arse tattooed on a Friday night…I don’t know if that counts as a proper injury but it’s quite bad really.

Saturday morning has rolled around and you’ve got a bit of a sore head – what’s your best hangover cure?

Bloody Mary and football.


Club NME takes place every Friday night at KOKO, London. Tickets are available HERE

You can find Hidden Charms on Facebook and Twitter.


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