Club NME: TicketWeb chats to CHIMES

Club NME is a shindig that happens every Friday at KOKO, so with that in mind, we want to get to the bottom of your ultimate Friday night…

Killing Moon Records are taking over Club NME this Friday night and bringing CHIMES along to headline the prestigious North London venue.Tickets available HERE.

Here’s our Q&A with CHIMES guitarist and vocalist Paul Aiden, we discuss John Lennon’s favourite drink, the perfect hangover cure and a chance encounter with a famous friend.


What do you usually do on Friday nights when you’re not providing the entertainment at Club NME?

On a Friday night we would often still be in the studio finishing off what we’ve been working on in the day… Then maybe hit a bar, if the sun’s still out this is a bonus!

What’s the closest you’ve got to a weekend that could have been straight out of The Hangover?

The Black Butter Record label Xmas party. That’s all we can say without getting in trouble. There was a cigar and maybe some live animals involved, we can’t say more than that. Definitely a free bar is a danger zone.

What are your ultimate Friday night party jams?

Right now – Leikeli47 – “F*** the summer up”

Old School – Montell Jordan “this is how we do it”

What are you drinking – do you have a tipple of choice?

Brandy Alexander, this was John Lennon’s favourite drink. It’s basically Brandy & milk.

How long do you spend looking in the mirror before you’re ready to hit the town?

3 seconds just to check my hat is on straight.

You’re at a club, where can we expect to find you – loitering at the bar, throwing some shapes on the dance floor, chatting someone up, sitting in a corner?

Throwing shapes, of course.

You’ve just left the club and you’re looking for a 4am snack, what’s your go-to post-club grub?

If there’s a 24 hour McDonald’s, the cheeseburgers are pretty much unbeatable

Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever spotted on a night out?

I saw Matt Perry (Chandler from friends) once at a club in LA.. I was going to go up and say hi but he looked a little bit pissed off so thought I’d leave it.

What’s your best/worst journey home story? Ever got stranded in the middle of nowhere?

I remember being stuck in a lift for 3 hours at about 3am. I was with about 6 other people about to carry on partying at a friend’s apartment. We tried to carry on partying in the lift while waiting to be rescued, but it was a bit of a vibe killer.

Worst Friday night injury – Frinjury, if you will?

Spilling a whole pint on your jeans is never a good look and hard to recover from. That has definitely happened to me before and I had to spend a good while at the hand dryer.

Saturday morning has rolled around and you’ve got a bit of a sore head – what’s your best hangover cure?

2 x Ibuprofen


Brush teeth


Cup of tea

Cold shower

Also a large diet coke with ice works pretty well

Thanks for the interview!

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