Club NME: TicketWeb Chats to Fickle Friends

Club NME is a shindig that kicks new-music ass ever Friday at KOKO! With that in
mind, we’re on a one-website mission to find out how the hottest new bands usually let their hair down on a Friday. Up this week are one of the finest from Killing Moon Records stable – Fickle  Friends who play  Club  NME 19/09/2014 ! Lead  singer Natti spills the beans…

fickle friends nikki

What do you usually do on Friday nights when you’re not providing the
entertainment at Club NME?
Well…for the past few months Friday nights have normally involved booze, glitter
and sleeping in tents as we’ve been doing the festival circuit. We’ve had it pretty
sweet…though we could do without the camping for a while.

Something like this?  

What’s the closest you’ve got to a weekend that could have been straight out of The
No drunk tattoos or missing people…just your average win at the Swiss Grand
Casino. Starting with a mere 5 Francs….under the influence of alcohol….having
never understood how the slot machine game works. Hample (bass player and
luckiest man in the world) just hit a few buttons, waited and enjoyed the pay
out….and for this reason the hotel will no longer be providing a 5 franc welcome
casino gift card.

casino gif

What are your ultimate Friday night party jams?
Ooh – at the moment it HAS the be The Magician – Sunlight featuring the lovely Oly
from Years & Years. Also cannot wait for the new Peace record to come out (Lost On
Me) the video is the tits. Also got to have some MJ and KP in there for good
measure. We’re good with all great pop tunes for a Friday night.

What are you drinking – do you have a tipple of choice?
Well the guys drink beer the most….usually because it’s free and they can have my
share because I prefer red wine to make my head spin. Giz us a bottle of whiskey
and we won’t complain.

scotch scotch scotch gif

How long do you spend looking in the mirror before you’re ready to hit the town?
Well we definitely know who spends the MOST time looking in the mirror…. If
you’ve ever seen our instagram feed you’ll notice Wilson checking his hair in
virtually any reflective surface he can find. We were shooting by a canal the other
day and in the background….there he is…leaning over the water…perfecting his

Seems like it’s band-wide obsession! 🙂 

fickle friends instagram

You’re at a club, where can we expect to find you – loitering at the bar, throwing
some shapes on the dance floor, chatting someone up, sitting in a corner?
Hate to admit that we’re those people who spend most of their night chatting
rubbish to strangers in the smoking area… in between stints on the dance floor of
course. The guys have some…questionable moves.

You’ve just left the club and you’re looking for a 4am snack, what’s your go-to
post-club grub?
Pizza is the go-to post-club-grub I guess. I’m not big on the 4am snacks but I’ve
seen Wilson go home and make what he calls a ‘carb blow out’ before ‘passing out’
in bed. Oh Wilson.

carbs gif

Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever spotted on a night out?
Don’t think we’ve ever spotted anyone too famous on a night out. Brighton isn’t
that kinda place. But we HAVE met some celebs over the course of this year…and
even befriended a few.

What’s your best/worst journey home story? Ever got stranded in the middle of
They’ll hate us for mentioning it…but during Dot to Dot festival we arranged to
crash with the guys from Amber Run. It was the last night of the festival so
everyone partied hard and by the time it got to 6am AR were nowhere to be seen/
found. We ended up sleeping in our van until someone was sober enough to drive
to the nearest MacDonalds. I think there was a total of 5 or 6 stops en route
home….and it’s only a 3 hour journey.

macdonalds gif

Worst Friday night injury – Frinjury, if you will?
We’ve seen a few scrapes and bruises from the odd tumble but nothing serious.
Wilson punched a gate once. That was stupid.

Saturday morning has rolled around and you’ve got a bit of a sore head – what’s
your best hangover cure?
I’m pretty good with hangovers…despite how much I may complain. So the best
cure I know is to invite everyone over for a big healthy-ish full English…I’m talking
classic fry up… with the additional components that are (in my mind, at least)

full english gif

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