Club NME: Ticketweb talks to Bad Sounds

Bad Sounds are a Bath based 5-piece with a deliciously refreshing indie/psychedelic/alternative rock sound. Their tunes are perfect Friday feeling listening, so it’s a good thing they will be rocking out in KOKO tonight. Lead singer Ewan caught up with Ticketweb recently, read the interview below;

What do you usually do on Friday nights when you’re not providing the entertainment at Club NME?

I think we’re gonna disappoint in this interview… Not a lot tbh we’re not bloody hooligans!


What’s the closest you’ve got to a weekend that could have been straight out of The Hangover?

Never even come close! Who has? 


What are your ultimate Friday night party jams?

Know how – Young MC 

Don’t stop until you get enough- MJ

Anne’s song – Faith No More

What are you drinking – do you have a tipple of choice?

Port. It’s delicious. 


How long do you spend looking in the mirror before you’re ready to hit the town?

15 seconds -ishhhh depending on what I’m wearing 


You’re at a club, where can we expect to find you – loitering at the bar, throwing some shapes on the dance floor, chatting someone up, sitting in a corner?

I’d like to say “on the dance floor, giving it the big ones, surrounded by laydeezzzz” but it depends who I’m with. I’ve deffo been known to sit in a corner as well.


You’ve just left the club and you’re looking for a 4am snack, what’s your go-to post-club grub?

Tbh nowhere is open that late where we are from. There’s a great burger place called Schwartz Bros. That do a banger of a vegeburger. Go for the chickless special


Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever spotted on a night out?

Kevin Spacey. 

What’s your best/worst journey home story? Ever got stranded in the middle of nowhere?

Sam made a Synth-pop mega mix for the car ride home after a show and it made Callum vomit so we had to pull over. 100% true.


Worst Friday night injury – Frinjury, if you will? 

I hit my head on the roof of a club once cos I jumped on to the dance floor like a boss. Everyone saw.


Saturday morning has rolled around and you’ve got a bit of a sore head – what’s your best hangover cure?

Dioralyte before bed. Thank me later for the pearl of wisdom.

Now that’s a band we can get on board with. Don’t miss them in KOKO tonight.

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