Albert Hammond Jr.: Track By Track

The fantastic Albert Hammond Jr. is in the UK for a run of dates in support of his most recent album Momentary Masters. We got the man himself to run through what each track on the album represents. Take it away Albert….

The record is about how, with time, you gain knowledge but simultaneously lose your innocence in the process.

It’s about finding a new curiosity in life as a result of this loss of innocence that knowledge and time create.

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‘Born Slippy’ is about what happens when how you’ve defined yourself falls apart.  The Strokes falling apart, the confusion, the loneliness and also the hope for what lies ahead.  Sometimes you have to go where the tide takes you, letting go of what you can’t control. There is a freedom in that, an excitement.

‘Power Hungry’ is about how easy it is to be lulled into not caring about your surroundings. All these catastrophic things happen around us and nothing seems to change. When you have a discussion you get caught in a war of words and lose sight of the bigger picture. Everything is argued and beaten to death. Even with the tools at our disposal we can’t seem to come together. So many things around us are made to numb our wits and fortitude to fight.

‘Caught By My Shadow’ is a play on words. The key is how much can you have? How much do you need? How will your consumption cause and effect the world around you. Everything has a cause and effect.  How many greed based decisions can be made before we see that’s not the reason we are here. We are allowing ourselves to be run by people who have no foresight of the future and have no problem gaining at the expense of others.  I am asking my “shadow self” (Jung) these questions in the song.  It’s really me putting the interrogation light on myself.

‘Coming To Getcha’ is about death. We know it’s a part of life, but it always seems like it’s something that happens to someone else. I had a friend who would say in dreams you are never 80, but now she seems like a fool to me for not being here anymore. Death is a part of transit, it’s a part of the cycle, nothing can live without something else dying. It’s the most romantic notion we have. You can’t fight off death, but you can certainly see it coming particularly with certain lifestyles.

‘Losing Touch’ is about getting older and feeling better with oneself but also feeling like your words are just thrown away by the youth. Are you losing touch? What’s happening? There is a point where you wake up and ask yourself – what am I doing, what’s all this for?  It feels like there is no meaning to anything, but we create our own meaning. What do I wanna create. You begin to see a journey and it feels like you are watching a personal movie. You gain connections, lose old ones. Though you are more settled and possibly happier then when you were younger, you hold certain sadness because you understand how time goes by. I’ve already lost touch with a couple of people I used to be.

‘Don’t Think Twice’ I didn’t write obviously, but it reminds me that it’s ok to say goodbye because what comes is better than what came before. I’ve just began to feel ok with that. It’s also become very personal as I’ve started to associate a particular person to this song.

‘Razors Edge’ is about the line we all walk, a momentary crime. A man hiding things who is looking for an escape. An escape that adolescence can’t provide anymore. I want to be where the small things find the bigger picture. I wanna be at the center of things. I want all the knowledge dumped in me matrix style. Easy being holy when you’re by yourself. How do you translate that into the bigger picture? I know too many people that hide more anger in what they don’t say than if they were to beat you with it.

‘Touché’ – Dance if you got the right shoes. Once you figure out everything’s got flaws, you better be damn good at the dance. The intensity of human interaction. How easily it is to be misunderstood. How hard it is to express yourself. Sometimes you need to look up to the greats. Start where they left off. Use their words. As you try to clean everything up you don’t always see what is falling everywhere else.

‘Drunched In Crumbs’ is about sex. I like the idea that sex makes people uncomfortable. I’ve watched too many Woody Allen films. I’m trying but it’s so much better to just feel this one. I even say it in the chorus “put away all your good words decorating something you heard.”

‘Side Boob’ is a date with you. Good friends discussing life, love, religion…it’s the possibility that there is something new to discover.

You can catch Albert Hammond Jr at the following

17/11/15 Manchester Gorilla, Manchester TICKETS
19/11/15 Hare and Hounds, Birmingham TICKETS
20/11/15 O2 Academy Leicester, Leicester TICKETS
23/11/15 Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth TICKETS
24/11/15 The Fleece, Bristol TICKETS
25/11/15 Islington Assembly Hall, London TICKETS
26/11/15 Old Market, Hove TICKETS

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