Otherkin @ Our Black Heart, London – 13/04/16

Fresh off the plane from Dublin and a sold-out show in Whelan’s (Ireland’s major new band venue), Otherkin arrived in England’s capital for the first time ready to turn some heads and make their mark. Their ‘201’ EP has been a roaring success and it’s no wonder why, it contains some absolute crackers. The band came prepared to deliver Camden Town some mosh pits.

Our Black Heart was an impossibly appropriate gig space for Otherkin’s premiere UK show, it was loud, hot and dark – exactly how a rock show should be and fitting with the bands sometimes grungy, garagey sound. The crowd comprised of a handful of home-grown followers, loose locals looking for a brief escape from the everyday and dip-your-toes-in indie fans.

A siren welcomes the lads on stage and incredibly likeable frontman Luke Reilly ensures the Camden crowd that they are in for a good time. Its belter after belter as tracks “20 to 11” and “Feel It” set the tone for the night as catchy riffs and body rocking bass lines get the audience going. The entire groups’ energy is palpable and infectious; talent and total showmanship are on display throughout the performance.

Each musician is a maestro of their respective crafts; the guitarists consistently playing intricate riffs while pogoing around the stage, while Rob Summons and his drum kit are getting a serious workout, everything from tribal tom transitions, to the ever existent gunshot sounding snare drum being pounded with perfection.

There are so many elements to the performance; as well as the mesmerising, vision-inhibiting hairstyles thrashing around in front of them, the crowd are encouraged to clap, sing and even join the band on stage. It’s a real authentic Rock ‘n’ Roll experience capped off by topless Reilly leaping into the welcoming crowd and shredding a guitar solo mid set.

On top of all of this, Otherkin play unreleased tracks; “Yeah I Know” and “Howling” which are met with unanimous applause. By the end of it all it’s not solely the band that looks as if they have just emerged from a swimming pool. Every sweaty patron leaving content with the band’s hit single “AY AY” blissfully ringing in their ears. After experiencing these young Dubliners live, one gets the feeling that their days of playing to small crowds are certainly numbered.

Make sure you catch these future stars in an intimate setting at the great escape as they are sure to absolutely blow the roof off the place.

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