Matt Corby @ Saint Lukes, Glasgow

Standing in front of St. Luke’s stunning organ with messy fair curls and plain baggy white t-shirt, Matt Corby may be from half way around the World but with his hands clasped and his head bowed, he was at home in the newly revived church.

Opening with his latest release ‘Monday’, the crowd fall silent as his clicking echoes around the room. His eyes remain closed as he loops layer after layer of vocal harmonies over each other.

matt corby st lukes

Corby’s performance is incredibly raw and his vocal capabilities are astounding. He frequently belts out melismatic, scat-like vocal solos over atmospheric, ambient instrumentals with each as remarkable as the next. The church hall simply adds to the performance by flattering Corby’s vocal manipulations, echoing his powerful yet soft voice around the room.

Matt Corby uses the show as an opportunity for him and his band to grace us with a preview of his debut album, seeing the night influenced by jazz, with Corby performing a soothing flute solo.

With Corby ending the night as he began, head bowed, hands clasped, eyes closed, he passionately croons the beautiful ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ accompanied by only a piano, leaving the crowd with a warm uplifting moment.

Matt Corby is back in the UK in March. Check out the dates and grab tix now > http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/artist/matt-corby

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