Club NME: TicketWeb Chats to Model Aeroplanes

The video for “Electricity” by indie 4-piece Model Aeroplanes features the boys launching into party-mode, so we figured they’d be ripe for our now legendary pre-Club NME interrogation. Ahead of their performance this Friday, Bassist Ben answers our questions and there’s some shocking discoveries to be had including strange feeding habits and evidence of an odd Beyonce obsession…

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What do you usually do on Friday nights when you’re not providing the entertainment at Club NME?
If we’re not dancing around on stage then we’re generally locked in our studio trying to write a hit most Friday nights. Either that, or the four of us are snuggled up on a couch watching Mean Girls, eating Domino’s and ice cream. We don’t have many other friends…


What’s the closest you’ve got to a weekend that could have been straight out of The Hangover?
We played a Freshers party one year and were booked into a five star hotel, which none of us were at all posh enough to be in. We ended up at some three story house party and woke up in different parts of the city with little recollection. Rory walked miles to the hotel and slept in the reception. Not a very cool story, but we’re not very cool guys.

What are your ultimate Friday night party jams?
We love Chic, Chic provide the ultimate party tunes. Chic and S-Club 7…

What are you drinking – do you have a tipple of choice?
As a band we love rum and red wine. A pint of Tennents in a Wetherspoons never goes a miss though!

How long do you spend looking in the mirror before you’re ready to hit the town?
Grant has a strict ’50 Flex’ rule before he leaves the house. Rory has a lot of hair to tame. Ben and Kieran are so skinny they have to weigh themselves down so they don’t float away with a light breeze. It’s a good job we’re playing so late, we’d never have made it in time…

We reckon you boys scrub up alright!

model Aeroplanes - Beyonce

You’re at a club, where can we expect to find you – loitering at the bar, throwing some shapes on the dance floor, chatting someone up, sitting in a corner?
Kieran’s on the dance floor, throwing shapes no one has seen since the 50’s. Grant’s chatting someone up and then managing to mess it up right at the last second. Ben’s loitering at the bar, generally being shouted at by a girl and Rory is in the corner, drinking Jack Daniels, looking moody.
At some point of the night though, there is always a 30 year old woman screaming at us while being thrown out. Long story.

You’ve just left the club and you’re looking for a 4am snack, what’s your go-to post-club grub?
If we ever have a choice, it’s Woodies. For sure. In Dundee though, nothing compares so we always forget. The last party we had we were trying to toast bread under the grill while boiling rock solid honey to make it spreadable. We’ve also ended a night with a bowl of muesli before. It wasn’t as cultured as it sounds.

It’s not all junk food though, is it Grant?

Model Aeroplanes - Strawberries

Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever spotted on a night out?
Cliff Richard. Another story for another time.

What’s your best/worst journey home story? Ever got stranded in the middle of nowhere?
We were coming home from a show once and the hand break in our van ceased on in the middle of nowhere. After an hour of hitting the back wheels with a hammer to try get it back to normal (apparently that helps?) we had to swap over vans from the depot miles away and move over all the gear at stupid o’clock in the morning. We were two hours from home but got in at 5AM, nightmare.

Worst Friday night injury – Frinjury, if you will?
Ben cut one of his top fingers really deep while attempting to make a sandwich one night right before we went away on tour with Little Comets. Had to play the tour with his finger wrapped in electrical tape. Musicians, protect your hands.

Saturday morning has rolled around and you’ve got a bit of a sore head – what’s your best hangover cure?
Even more Mean Girls, Domino’s and ice cream.

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