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We caught up with Matt Bowman, lead singer of The Pigeon Detectives last week while they were heading to their gig in Brighton. We talk near-fatal injuries, seaside jollies and what a Pigeon Detectives TV show would really be like.


You can catch the guys on their upcoming UK tour here



Hi Matt! How are you?

I’m good thank you


It sounds pretty noisy, where are you?

We’re on the motorway, on the way to Brighton for a gig


Aaah, to the seaside! What’s good in Brighton?

There’s a lot of Vintage shops, I’d recommend going on the pier just to say you’ve been. We’re hoping it’s gonna be sunny in Brighton, we’ve been bringing the shit weather with us all tour.


We hope it’s not too bad. Just to start things off, a few things we ask everyone – what was your first gig?

My first gig was actually Meatloaf at Sheffield Arena, but I like to say that it was The Coral at Leeds Met, in er, Leeds.


What was the last gig you went to?

I went to see Rudimental at the O2 Academy in Leeds, they were playing as part of a music festival, but I was less than impressed, so the last gig I went to  that I actually enjoyed was Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the O2 Academy in Leeds.


What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?

I don’t know if I’m just looking back at it with rose tinted glasses, but I saw The Strokes at Leeds festival, just before they got big, and it was amazing. Julian had broken his leg, so he was just sitting down for most of it, but he got up right at the end, and it started to rain, which just brought everyone together.


I came to see you guys last year, and when I told my friend I was going to see the Pigeon Detectives, he thought I meant a seminar about actual Pigeon Detectives, which I think sounds like a pretty cool TV show. What do you think would happen in the first episode?

It’d be sort of Scooby-Doo-esque, I think. Each show would be an individual story, there’d be no consecutive storyline running through it. There’d be a character introduction, and then they’d go off busting pigeon related crime. No running love stories, just individual episodes.


We’ve heard that pigeons explode if they eat rice, so maybe that could be the punishment?

Is that real? I’m gonna Google it as soon as I get off the phone to you!


Let us know the results of that! Your Twitter feed is gleaming with positivity, what’s your opinion of moody rockstars/famous people who complain?

Go and get a proper fucking job and join the queue like everyone else! I joined this band to have fun, and I’m grateful that I get to do this for a living. Also, show the fans some respect, they’re coming to your shows!


You’re renowned for your energetic stage presence, but we can imagine you’ve had a few accidents along the way. What’s the worst stage injury you’ve ever done yourself?

Aaah you’re right there! I’ll give you a list – I’ve chipped my teeth, fractured my heel bone, pulled my hamstrings, had to have stitches in my finger. It’s all part and parcel of our live show, we put our lives on the line. Actually, I got electrocuted once, that’s the worst one, that proper shit me up!


You’ve made up a fair few stories about where your name comes from, what’s the best lie you’ve ever heard?

Errr, I’m not sure. You know what, I’d love to believe that story that Daft Punk don’t really play their own concerts and they send out work experience people with helmets on to do it for them. Yeah, would genuinely love to believe that’s true.


What are the best three things about coming from Leeds?

The natural Northern wit and charm, the accent, because it sounds less than intelligent, and the music scene. No other city I’ve ever been to has a music scene like ours. It’s not set to one genre, there’s dance, metal, indie, folk, it’s insane, so eclectic, and it’s so DIY as well. People set up their own radio stations, labels, everything. You see other bands moaning about not being able to get a deal, there they just set up their own labels – such vibrancy, there’s so much good music coming out of Leeds!


Are there any up and coming bands you think we should be keeping our eyes peeled for?

I’m not just saying this, but our support band, they’re called Must, have been an absolute pleasure to tour with, and I’ve genuinely enjoyed watching them play every night. So yeah, that’s my final answer.


We’ll be keeping an eye out for those guys! Thanks a lot for chatting with us, enjoy your gig in Brighton tonight!


Thanks, take care!


You too!

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