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Red Bull Soapbox Race 2017 Is Coming To London In July

Red Bull Soapbox Race returns to London for the first time since 2015. Taking place on Sunday 9 July, the event – first run in Brussels back in 2000 – is an old-school soapbox derby turned up to 11, with drivers speeding down a hill in vehicles fuelled by nothing more than gravity, creativity and courage. Get ready for London’s wackiest, hilliest event of the summer…

What is Red Bull Soapbox then? 

Take 70-odd teams, each armed with their own custom-designed soapbox racers (basically engine-less go-karts), and one massive hill laden with obstacles designed to break those soapbox racers, and you’ve got the recipe for Red Bull Soapbox Race. Expect lots of mad costumes, pre-run dance routines from each of the teams and points awarded for speed, creativity and showmanship.

Sounds great – but where is this massive hill you speak of?

Alexandra Palace, old fruit – and with good reason. If you’ve ever walked up the slope to the former BBC HQ in north London, you’ll know that it’s a calf muscle killer. Now imagine driving down it on a spindly-wheeled racer and you’ll see why it was the obvious choice. For punters, the best way to reach Ally Pally is by tube to Wood Green or by overground rail to Alexandra Palace station.

Who’ll be there?

A T. Rex on a motorbike, Dr Evil, Oscar the Grouch and Donald Trump – well, they’re some of the designs of this year’s soapbox racers at any rate (and no, that’s not fake news). Check out the full list of the teams that will be competing HERE.

I’m sold. How do I get tickets?

Tickets go on sale on Weds 3rd May @ 

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