Viola Beach Release Posthumous Debut Album

When I was 18 year’s old, myself and five of my best friends piled into the back of a black Renault Master van, and hit the road for our first ever UK tour. I still remember like it was yesterday that feeling of enthusiasm and excitement that there we were, chasing our dreams. Driving overnight to places we’d never been and playing in front of no one except the soundman and the support act. We felt like anything was possible.

Viola Beach would have been feeling the exact same thing. A group of lads who decided to have a go at it and make their dreams come true before their lives were tragically cut short whilst on tour in Sweden.

Kris, River, Thomas, Jack and their manager Craig were making things happen. They weren’t just dreaming about it, they were out there doing it! They’d signed a singles deal with Communion and were half way through a support run with the wonderful Blossoms on a UK tour. BBC Introducing were on board and Radio 1 had played their songs a bunch of times. It felt like Viola Beach were on the cusp.

Today, Viola Beach release their debut album under circumstances that obviously no one ever imagined or wanted. The self-titled record shows what a career they may have had. Whilst obviously sad, it’s a reminder that nothing is guaranteed and if you have something you want to achieve, you should put your all into it today as tomorrow isn’t a given. The album also rocks and is sure to put a smile on your face.

So today, purchase or stream (Apple Music/Spotify) Viola Beach and spend 34 minutes of your time listening to it. Then figure out what you want to do, and how you’re going to do it. And if you’re in a band, driving through the night to play a show in a random town, in front of no one, treasure those times. They’ll be some of the best you ever have.

RIP Viola Beach


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