TicketWeb Collector Tickets

Gig tickets, we love collecting them almost as much as going to the ruddy show! So we made a ticket that is 100% gig-proof...

Whether you keep yours in a shoe box or pin them to your wall, tickets are the best way to remember an awesome night, right?

Trouble is, in our super-high-tech world of mobile tickets, sometimes you don’t get a ticket at all! Gutted. It’s brilliant having tickets on our smartphones but you can’t stick an app in a scrap-book can you?!

Collector Ticket is 100% gig-proof and features artist or venue artwork. It comes complete with an exclusive TicketWeb lanyard so you can wear your ticket to the show!

Some Collector Tickets also feature interactive content powered by our friends at Shazam.

So if you want a ticket that’s going to stand the test of time then keep your eyes peeled for Collector Tickets when booking your next show.

Please note: The final design may differ from the picture shown at the point of purchase, but don’t stress, it’ll probably look even cooler.

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