Playlist: We Are Scientists

Indie rockers We Are Scientists are bringing the party to KOKO on New Year’s Eve and we’ve got an exclusive 2-4-1 offer on tickets! In celebration of the night we got the band to pick their favourite party tunes. Enjoy!

Weezer – “Beverly Hills” 

As far as aspirational anthems go, this one isn’t afraid of being specific. Little known fact: the lyrics originally included the exact address of a house in Beverly Hills where Rivers Cuomo “wanna be”; it was taken out for legal reasons.

Harry Nilsson – “Without You”

Harry Nilsson was renowned for hard partying, often showing up at friends’ shebangs with a liver transplant ready to go in a cooler. This song may deal with a related surgery.

Lil John & LMFAO – “Shots”

Not sure what it is about this one, but for some subliminal I always think about parties when I hear it. Probably something unique to my childhood.

Isaac Hayes – “Shaft”

A police officer who works as hard as John Shaft probably has to party pretty hard to blow off steam between cases. It’s good to listen to this song and imagine that you’re doing that for him.

Smashmouth – “Walkin’ On The Sun”

My grandfather always said that a good party should make you feel like you’re “walking on the sun.” I never knew what he meant by that — still don’t — so I throw this song on as sort of next-best-thing.

Get 2-4-1 tickets to see We Are Scientists play KOKO on NYE HERE

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