Playlist: SuperGlu Tour Bus Mixtape

Bands love touring.  Playing to deranged fans all over the world, having your lyrics shouted back at you in sweaty, packed venues of all shapes and sizes is the ultimate in validation for most groups.

Touring can also mean days and nights spent travelling up and down motorways, lugging gear and sitting and waiting.  And waiting… We asked our favourite bands to tell us what they listen to while they’re between shows and tell us what gets them in the mood.

Krista Lynch of the manic Manningtree Indie four-piece SuperGlu has provided us with a few of her favourite tracks. SuperGlu are on tour right now with fellow Indie rockers Bad Pop. You can see them this week! Get tickets here. 

In the mean time, get acquainted with Krista’s excellent taste in music:

  1. Jewel Box by Jeff Buckley

I could be doing anything, anywhere in the world and whenever I hear this song I immediately just. Stop. Jeff Buckley’s voice leaves such a haunting feeling within my body, one that trickles through your bones, from your head to your feet. Tingling all the way down. The line ‘you left some stars in my belly’ makes my own belly melt inside.

  1. America’s Boy by Broadcast

This is the perfect walking song and reminds me of living in Brighton walking home alone late at night (don’t tell my mum), listening to this and feeling as if I was the only person that had walked those streets, ever. Feeling so cool when the bass of the chorus kicks in. When in reality I was a spotty student drunk on K Cider, who spent the night embarrassing themselves on The Green Door Store dance floor. Trish Keenan is Queen and her tragic death will linger in my thoughts forever.

  1. Bird’s Lament by Moondog

I was addicted to this song. I found this on a late night delving into YouTube. I had this on repeat for hours and hours. The next day I had to hold my phone quietly to my ear and play it as I walked to the bus stop. I didn’t have any earplugs and certainly looked insane but I just had to listen to it again.

  1. Anna by Ruff Squad

As a kid growing up with a huge chip on my shoulder (for no apparent reason) listening to UK Grime helped me get through my ‘edgy’ phase. Talking back to teachers, getting kicked out of class. I obviously thought I was the biggest G going. Every now and then I creep back to my old Grime mixtapes and time travel back to days spent at the park dressed head to toe in Nike and drinking a bottle of Lambrini.

  1. Tonight by Sibylle Baier

I discovered this not too long ago. I was meant to be tidying my room but spent the majority of the day playing this over and over again. Sibylle’s story is another that fascinates me; the tracks that appear on her debut album, ‘The Colour Green’ were only discovered some 30 years after they were written. Originally the recordings were given to family members, yet once discovered by Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis they were released to the world. Her son has set up a fan-page for her yet apparently she has never seen it, is perplexed by it all and has no idea about the sheer number of people she has gained celebrity cult status for.

There you have it! Shout out to SuperGlu for getting involved, don’t miss the band’s upcoming shows this week. Here’s the link for tickets ticketweb.co.uk/superglu and all the info. you need is in the tour poster below which was made by the band themselves. What can’t they do?

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