Playlist: Mahogany Music Club presents Horizon 2017

Our mates at Mahogany Music Club pride themselves on their involvement with new music. Curating new artists is kinda their thang. They’ve watched as many of their session artists have gone on to achieve deserved global success; from Rag n Bone Man, to Michael Kiwanuka to James Bay. But now it’s time for Mahogany to turn their attentions to Horizon 2017 – their annual live series that celebrates the artists they love who are right at the beginning of their musical journey. Throughout January and February, Mahogany will bring you hotly tipped artists whose music will demand to be listened to in the coming 12 months.

The following is a first look at some artists tipped for the big time, who also happen to be playing at The King’s Head, Haggerston as part of Horizon 2017 all through January and February. They have created a playlist for us consisting of some highlights from their famous live sessions. Take it away Mahogany Music Club:

Charlotte OC blew everyone away with the sheer vocal power of her Mahogany Session performance of ‘Darkest Hour’. With a captivating delivery and depth to her lyrics, Charlotte’s tales of love and loss are beautiful to listen to and spellbinding to watch.

Catch Charlotte OC at HORIZON 2017 on 19th January. Get tickets here.

Alice Phoebe Lou is not someone you can easily forget. Fierce, creative and incredibly talented; we had the luxury of presenting her for our inaugural Mahogany + friends festival in Berlin and she had to return for 2 encores before the crowd would let her leave the building.  Alice brings an artistic confidence that belies her youth but is entirely justified by her bold storytelling and vagabond spirit.

Alice Phoebe Lou performs at HORIZON 2017 on 26th January. Get tickets here.

Soft and soothing vocals set aloft on mesmerising soundscapes: Matt Maltese is a master of crafting heartfelt ballads and songs that stay with you for weeks. His track ‘Vacant in the 21st Century’ left us exactly like that. With a cinematic feel, Matt’s music will pull you in immediately.

See Matt Maltese at HORIZON 2017 on 26th January. Get tickets here.

Dan Caplen has a mix of vulnerability, soul and swagger which is magnetic to watch. Yearning, confessional lyrics blended with neo-soul and RnB touches, delivered in the bluesy tones of an artist twice his age; Caplen wants to get your feet dancing as much as he wants to move you.

Dan Caplen performs at HORIZON 2017 on the 2nd February. Get tickets here.

Our final pick Colouring have an incredible energy when they perform. With such tracks like ‘Symmetry’, ‘Everything Has Grown’ and ‘In Motion’, they have established themselves as purveyors of the finest glistening pop. Colouring have an immediate undeniable charm to their intricate melodies.

Catch Colouring at HORIZON 2017 on the 9th February. Get tickets here.

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