Ones To Watch 2017: Gothic Tropic Q&A

Gothic Tropic is the brainchild of cool-as-you-like L.A based musician Cecilia Della Peruti. We were turned on to their classic west coast indie sound when they were announced for The Great Escape’s First Fifty festival and knew they had something going on, so we made them one our ones to watch for 2017. Read our chat with Cecilia below.

Hi Cecilia! Whilst we all freeze over here in London, how’s life in sunny Los Angeles? 

It’s pretty beautiful over here! On average it’s about 13 degrees so of course everyone thinks they’re freezing to death haha. The other night jazz legend Kenny Burrell asked my mom (singer) to perform one of his pieces at his 85th birthday and it was amazing. He’s a jazz guitar giant, and it was incredible to see him play. I think if I said this to any of my mom’s peers the other night it would’ve been blasphemous but he really injects a spirit of punk rock into his solo guitar pieces. There was one where he was obviously using a lipstick pickup to create feedback and abstract bends, that reminded me of Bauhaus. Which reminded me that jazz is the root of all American music, and I’d like to explore that more. Other than nerding out, I just slammed the entire first season The Crown yesterday.


Credit: Bree Hart

How would you describe your music in 3 words?

Progressive Guitar Pop

What was the last gig you went to?

Husky Loops during First Fifty. I’d never been to a lot of your venues before, and I’m realizing how far behind Los Angeles is on the live sound front. For example, your version of crappy dive bar sound is our mid-size capacity venues. I implore LA venues to buy better sound systems!

What are you most looking forward to in 2017? 

I put a lot of work into the album coming out in May, and I’m really excited to get it out to everyone. We’ve stayed pretty local for the last couple years, and I’m eager to get out and tour a bunch, it’s always a nice surprise playing a new market and being received well because it refreshes my love for playing live. Our set is designed to include improvised sections, and when we play new cities, I notice I tend to use those free bars to communicate (on guitar) what I feel the mood is there. Out of everything I’ve made be more controlled for this project, it’s those moments that still let me lose myself.


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