Laura Oakes at Silverstone 2017

I was delighted this weekend to play for Bob Harris’ Under the Apple Tree stage at Silvertsone’s Woodland stage alongside Wildwood Kin and Ellis Bailey. The stage was set in a stunning Teepee in front of an absolutely awesome crowd!

Our cute little teepee stage, tucked away in the woods! Although it was slightly off the beaten track it was packed out with one of the loveliest audiences I’ve ever played to!

We played a special stripped-back set for this show, so we had a little rehearsal before hand – in the car park, where else?!  

Then it was show time! Here we are looking very pleased with ourselves after playing a great gig to an awesome crowd!

Laura Oakes is embarking on her very own headline tour this September. She plays London, Liverpool, Glasgow and Leeds. Hit this link to get tickets: ticketweb.co.uk/lauraoakes

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