Laura Oakes: Newark to Dorset to Cambridge

So it was another busy weekend of festivals this weekend! We did Newark to Dorset to Cambridge and back! But it was another weekend of amazing fun!!

Here are the boys having a quick run through before our set on Friday night at FSA Fest in Newark.

What an awesome audience! I’m always blown away when there are people down at the front singing the words to songs I haven’t even released properly yet! These guys didn’t disappoint – they sang SO LOUD! And made me very happy in the process 🙂

Then it was on to Dorset for Camp Bestival! We played the cutest and wackiest little stage Oberon’s Observatory! The weather was terrible! But it did mean I finally got some mud on my wellies so I can now say I’ve done festival season 2017 properly!

We then drove from Dorset up to Cambridge on Sunday for Cambridge Folk Festival. Some of my songwriting idols have played this festival so I was very excited to be joining the bill!

Line checking before the set!

I did not stop smiling from the first note of my set till I got back in the car to drive home! This audience was perfect! They listened intently, but also clapped and sang along loudly! Awesome! Before I’d left, I already wanted to come back next year!

Laura’s life just gets busier and busier! She’s heading out on tour this September, come and see her live – get tickets here: ticketweb.co.uk/lauraoakes

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