Interview: HVMM

What has Worcester ever done for us?  Given us HVMM obviously!

With a population little over a hundred thousand, you might be forgiven for thinking that the unassuming West Midlands town offers not a lot beyond classical composer Edward Elgar and the world renowned condiment Worcestershire Sauce.  But you’d be mistaken.  Worcester is punching well above its weight when it comes to rock music and is currently giving neighbouring behemoth of metal Birmingham a run for its money.

Making waves with their anachronistic and subversive brand of post-rock are Worcester’s latest export HVMM (pronounced ‘hum’), blasting riffs reminiscent of Faith No More beneath spat lyrics that would make a Slaves fan blush.  Followers of the band have grown substantially thanks to  Hereford & Worcester’s BBC Introducing’s Andrew Marston championing them and their debut single ‘Modern Pussy’.

All collarless shirts and cravats, HVMM made their mark on Brighton at the end of May with a blistering set at the Richmond Bar as part of the annual Alternative Escape Festival.  Those who missed it can catch the guys at Camden Rocks Festival 2017 on Saturday 3rd June; be warned the show’s not for the fainthearted!

Tickets for Camden Rocks Festival 2017 are on sale now

We also caught up with the band to talk Camden, Festivals and rock music in an exclusive interview below:

What UK festival would you most like to play and why?

Tough question. Today’s mood, Glastonbury, because of the nostalgia.

Which 2017 festival line up excites you the most so far?


What do you bring to your festival performance that you don’t do at your own gig in a venue

After rehearsal and logistics, the planning stops. Festival or village hall, the one thing we try to bring is to not plan past the already planned. 

Do you explore the whole site and various installations the festival has to offer or are you sticking to a strict music timetable – ensuring you see all the artists you want to with the ideal vantage point?

Definitely, explore the whole thing! 

What international festival would you most like to play and why?

There are so many. Burning Man would be enjoyable but then again they don’t burn a full-scale Viking ship. So, maybe Up Helly Aa.

What’s the best festival you have ever been to/played at?

Reading 2000 as it was the first big festival experience and Rage played! Say no more…

Who are your fantasy festival headliners?

Ask tomorrow and this would change but today, Nick Cave, The White Stripes & Led Zep

What was the best performance at a festival you have ever seen?

Dillinger Escape Plan at Reading, I think it was around 2001/2002. The main man dropped his pants and took a shit on stage! Followed by “you’re gonna see a lot of shit on this stage”. That may not be his exact words but it’s somewhere near! 

What’s one thing everyone should bring to a festival?

Festival Boots (plastic bags)

What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten at a festival?

Can never afford the food. 

Apart from playing shows, what’s your favourite thing to do Camden?

Watch people. 


HVMM’s new EP TALK TO ME LIKE IM DEAD out on 1st Sept. 

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