Interview: Glasgow Gin Club

There’s no hiding it – I bloody love gin.  So imagine my reaction when one of my fellow TicketWebbers took this love to a whole new level and started his very own club, setting up shop in some of Glasgow’s finest locations.

GGC are Squirrel (Graeme to his mum), Kate (occasionally) and Stuart, who started the aforementioned club one night after discussions on Twitter, and from there the ball rolled like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  Want to know more about how to set up your very own tribe and get to be at the top of your game?  Well read on……

What’s that?  Too impatient and want your dose of gin NOW?  Well get tickets to the next Glasgow Gin Club here!

…remember to drink responsibly, folks…..



How to start a club (for gin)

1) The Beginning Stages.

It’s essential that your club has a common starting point, a common back story and a joint passion. Also it really helps engage others (especially in Scotland) if your club involves the “Art of Social Drinking”. In case of GGC it started humbly enough, two men in the late twenties, drinking artisan gin while trawling through YouTube for Don’t Flop rap battles, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and discussing the merits of both these two rather good female artists.

From these special moments, slumped on a couch discussing which one would our mothers prefer, the  hashtag #Ginclub was born, which was instantaneously shared through each of these “young” mens’ popular but failing music and social media sites.  It had been a long established fact that a photo of an album got less than 20 likes while a picture of a gin pour or a beetroot and chocolate cake broke easily into triple figures. In that one hashtag Gin Club was born.

Gin 3

2) Exclusivity.

The next stage is to maintain the exclusivity of your club.  For a long time the member’s waiting list was big and growing with many people retweeting / sharing photos, plus we decided to cap the number of gin brands. Keeping this cap along with the promotion of Gin and all its merits only increased demand.

3) Develop the idea.

Once your solid foundations of “the club” have been set and you both have demand, popularity and a thirst corporate engagement, the next stage is to float your club idea. In the case of Gin Club this came with getting involved with the popular Brew at the Bog festival. From this first big venture we had to draft in organised support in the third member, welcome the scientist (not the Coldplay song) Kate.

In developing this idea we had now made contact with all the gin brands we loved, the Gins we wanted to share with festival-goers in Inverness. This proved popular as all the gin was drunk in the first day.

4) Making it Official

Now we had the idea, a team who could do something with the idea, the following and the Gin contacts, it was time to organise an actual club meeting. One that isn’t us in our living rooms with our friends drinking our Gin. No, a proper Gin Club open to all where we promote four Gins which we love, served in a nice relaxed way which a normal person would at home without them being a qualified Mixologist. At the same our club needed to be informative, that our guests left knowing more than what they did when they arrived without it being forced upon them or with them having to taste everything straight in a crystal flute glass, while writing notes in a language they would never use. No, this had to be fun, nice and something where people want to go to a shop and buy a special Gin for them to enjoy outside of Gin Club and for them to suddenly realise what they have had in the pub for years is nothing compared to what they could be drinking.

So the idea was set, the date was but the venue wasn’t…….however a wee five minute conversation in Sainsbury’s solved that and it was set that we would be hosting Gin Club in a vintage tea room (with cake and the venue matched the feel of the night).

Combine this with DJs, random props, table games (which gets very competitive), food and Stuart, using his day Job at TicketWeb to sell the tickets, then you have an actual club. What else was needed? Membership cards that actually get you a small batch discount – Wait… We have them too!



5) Continuing a Winning Formula

And that’s the basic way we run the club. You come along with your #GinMe cards which you trade for Gin. We hand out tasting guides which describes what you are drinking and how we would serve it at home and why. The Gin brands make an appearance and sit at the tables chatting away in more depth about the Gin –  if you want to know how the distillate is made you can ask, if you don’t care about that but want to know “why is the bottle that shape” you can ask that too. The whole time you’re learning, you are drinking, chatting away, listening to music, eating our specialist Gin menu until such time as its time to go home or your #Gindoot

Every month we feature four new Gins which we hope most of our members haven’t tried. Sometimes we repeat ourselves, not that we have to as there is enough different Gin’s we could run for ten years and not need too. Sometimes we do dedicated events for smaller numbers where you only get one Gin but you get to know how it’s poured and what you learn about it is significantly different.

At the same time as keeping the members interested in what’s going on. Blogs which describe the Gins you will be drinking, how the Gins are made, the best serves. Articles about Gin and life. Articles written by the distillers and what they do, why make Gin. Features on tonics, garnishes, and all things Gin-related and of course the obligatory picture of every drink you order.

6) Planning for the Future

So what’s next for the Glasgow Gin Club? Loads actually. We have our 1st birthday on June the 5th where there will all the Gins for the first Gin Club and mountains of cake made by the wonderful Kirsty at the Hidden Lane Tea Room. The Gin Club will run our monthly event every month until November.  You can also come to them all on Ticketweb’s Golden Ticket offer (you get a free Tote bag!). We also start our dedicated Gin events which we can’t announce yet as they are special events but really cannot wait as what you get from them will be amazing, if you’re really into your Gin (which I presume you are if your reading a blog about a Gin Club) then you need to keep your eyes and ears peeled for these (never got that expression).



Come to the next one and drink some Gin.x


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