Interview: Blossoms

With the kind of year Stockport’s Blossoms had in 2015 it would be impossible to not include them on our annual Ones To Watch list of artists that we think you’re going to be hearing a lot of over the next twelve months. On a mild December afternoon we invited the boys down to TicketWeb HQ for a photoshoot and a chat about all things Blossoms.

Like many offices in the country, here at TicketWeb we listen to 6 Music constantly and over the past few months one track above all has united the office in nodding their head and humming along more than any other. ‘Charlemagne’ is one of the catchiest songs released in the last six months, so I wanted to know if that’s something they went in the studio consciously trying to achieve. “That’s what the aim was,” Explains lead singer Tom. “I think it connects with people instantly. There’s nothing wrong with that, we wanna be as catchy as we can.”


There’s something to be said for a band that are very confident about who they are and what they do. Hailing from Greater Manchester and being a band that uses guitars will nine times out of ten lead to what can be seen as lazy accusations that you’re trying to walk the same path that bands such as Oasis and The Stone Roses have already trodden. “We are influenced by all them bands massively, we embrace it,” Says Tom. But does it add pressure to be compared to bands that have become stadium fillers? “People are always going to just do it,” Interjects Drummer Joe. “We can’t just sit there and be dead upset every-time it happens.”

When you sit down with Blossoms it quickly becomes clear that this is a band that is very focused and confident about what they want to achieve, and how they want people to view them as a band. “If people are trying to pigeonhole you just leave them to it,” Tom says. “The fans are what matters, and if they’re buying your tickets and buying your records and showing their support to you then they don’t give a fuck what someone’s written about you, what someone tries to say your genre is or who they say (your band) sounds like. I think that’s when you become a great band, when people say you sound like yourself. I think we’ve got that.”

Blossoms aren’t a flash in the pan and are no stranger to the hard work and sacrifice that goes into being a band, having honed their craft over the past few years. It’s this foundation that’s prepared them for all the attention they’re getting now. As Tom explains, “It’s been a natural growth so nothing seems too mental. You know like The X Factor when people are just thrown into the world, we’ve built it up naturally for 2 and a half years so everything has been a natural progression. You’re eased into it. You get used to more fuss being made other you. We’ve got a great team around us.” Joe adds, “We’re not shying away from that. We’ve put in graft. We’ve slept in the van outside venues.” I ask Joe if they have ever had to sell t-shirts just to afford petrol to get to the next gig, “That’s exactly what it was like. We used to go to the merch stall afterwards and be like ‘please….. We need to eat tonight’.”


Asked about future plans Tom keeps it straight to the point, “The album will come out,” and then? “Non-stop touring.”  Is there a chance that as the venues get bigger and life inevitably gets more comfortable it will make the boys a bit less hungry and more complacent? Not if they get their way. “We’re not taking our foot off the gas now. We’re even more driven. We’re not gonna stop,” Says Tom. “This is the start. Who knows where we can take it.”

With that kind of attitude, a growing army of fans and some of the catchiest songs to come out of a British band in a long time, you wouldn’t bet against Blossoms hitting the big time.

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