Drive in Film Club – TicketWeb Preview

The concept of a Drive-In Cinema has me harking back to my childhood, where I’d imagine myself getting all Fred Flintstone and hopping in my car made of stone, running to the nearest screening complete with dinosaur in tow.  Thankfully, transportation has improved since then and in the comfort of our Volkswagen Golf we headed uphill to the stunningly beautiful Alexandra Palace.


Curated by the UK’s No1 outdoor cinema crew, Rooftop Film Club, Ally Pally has been transformed into retro 1950s Americana, complete with roller-skating staff decked out in vintage gear and gourmet hot dogs courtesy of Popdogs.  Once you show your ticket at the box office you’re directed to your parking bay and asked to tune your car radio to a special frequency to hear all the action.  So we sat back, relaxed, grabbed a box of popcorn and got ready to be entertained.


The 1950s retro vibe ties in rather nicely with our film choice – Back to the Future.  Let’s face it, the movie is an absolute classic but for one member of the TicketWeb team the night was even more memorable as she’d never seen it before (I know, right?  I’m not exactly sure how that passed her by….).  Even though it’s nearly 30 years old, the film has been given a new lease of life and takes on a whole new feel when watching it under the stars.

Alexandra Palace really is the best place for an event like this, as not only is the journey to and from the location simply beautiful, with a complete view of the London skyline, but this historic venue provides the perfect backdrop and you really feel part of something special.

Forthcoming films include The Hunger Games, The Big Lebowksi, Grease and Top Gun, plus tickets are great value at only £24.20 per car regardless of capacity.  Find out more and get tickets here.

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