CMJ Music Marathon 2015

Sorry for the delay. It’s taken us a while to come down from our trip over to New York for CMJ 2015. Not only is there the jet-lag to contend with, but there’s also the sheer barrage of new bands to take in. First World problems, eh?

CMJ Flyer

If you’re not familiar with CMJ then let us lay it down for you. It’s basically it’s a week-long extravaganza where the hottest new artists in the world come to show off their wares to the great and the good of New York City, along with a select group of industry movers and shakers from across the globe. In addition to the official line-up there’s also a smorgasbord of free gigs you can wander into. It’s a good bet that this is where you’ll catch your first glimpse of band that you’re going to be streaming to high heaven in the coming months.

This year we were contributing to the chaos with our own showcase at the jewel of the Lower East Side – Pianos on Ludlow Street. Playing for us was Aquilo, Jack & Eliza, Comicide & The Harpoons – 4 bands we reckon you are going to love – check them out below…


Aquilo - CMJ 2015 - 600

Call us biased, but headlining the TicketWeb showcase was one of the most talked about band’s of the entire festival. Aquilo are Lake District duo Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher and they make piano driven, ethereal lap-top electronic sounds that skirts Bon Iver & Dry The River.

Jack & Eliza

Jack and Eliza - CMJ 2015 - 600

We first caught this pair earlier this year at the Great Escape in Brighton and we’ve been keeping a close eye on them ever since. We were excited to have some local talent on the bill and these New York residents pulled a fair few of the travelling UK crowd to the show. Classic boy-girl indie-duo tunage ensued and we’ve been whistling tunes from their Gentle Warnings album ever since.


Comsmocide - CMJ 2015 - 600

The award for silhouette of the night goes to Cosmicide. The keen-eyed (or well informed) amongst you will realise that Cosmicide are the latest project of Secret Machines front-man Brandon Curtis. The band also includes Interpol touring keyboard player Blasco and together they the same deft command of space rock as their leader’s previous incarnation.  They showed scant regard for the TicketWeb banner we’d lugged across in our hand luggage from the UK but hey, they are New York legends, so we let ’em off.

The Harpoons

Harpoons - CMJ 2015 - 600

Opening proceeding for us was Melbourne’s The Harpoons. There was universal approval the band’s unique mixture of soulful R&B & tropical rhythms. We’d wager big bucks that lead singer Bec Rigby will be the sweetheart of the music press any day now. By the time they came to play for us, we’d already shared a beer with bassist Henry & tour manager Louis the previous night so we were wishing them to do well. In fact they had it smashed all along. Should have known.

Frankly, by the end of the week, we’d had a blast, but it had all proven a bit much for some of us.

CMJ 2015 - The End - 600

Farewell New York, see you next year CMJ.


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