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Meet TicketWeb Designer Charlotte Simonsen

She speaks loads of languages don't you know!

Tell us your story – how did you end up joining TicketWeb?

Working in the music industry was a distant dream for most of my life as I was always at the music venues as often as I could to check out the new bands forming around me. I always said I wanted to work in this industry, but I didn’t know how. I decided that I was looking at it the wrong way and needed to just go for it. The “how” would unfold itself eventually. I went to Download festival this year for the first time and all I could think of was “This is what I need to be doing with my life”. At the mainstage, I was getting excited to see one of my favourite bands, Creeper, and that’s when I spotted it. On the big screen, they were advertising for the Live Nation career website. It felt like a scene from a Hollywood film where the main character finally finds the solution to all her problems. It seemed even my friends felt it because they were all pointing it out to me. And here I am!

Can you explain a normal day at work for you?

My job is to create all the graphic and assets that you will see on TicketWeb’s blog, website, email, building landing pages for bands and artists along with coming up with ideas for future campaign and preparing the look for all of these. My day to day consists of preparing these assets but I also need to be ready to jump on another project on a moment’s notice for tighter deadlines to create a faster turnaround for us. At the end of the day I get to cross off what I’ve done that day on my “to do list”. We all know how pleasing that is, right?   

What did you do before joining TicketWeb?

I was an Art Director for Global Fire Create, a creative agency with expertise in filmography and animation on the south coast. Here I got to work with everything from big brands such as Vodafone and Xerox and really small start-ups creating brands, websites, planning campaigns and even produce a music video. I also freelanced as a Graphic Designer and ran my own Etsy shop where I sold print illustrations.

What is your funniest encounter with a band?

I once matched with the drummer of what is now one of my favourite bands. He messaged me and we talked for a couple of days but not much came of it. I checked out his Instagram and decided to have a listen to his band. I found their aesthetic and overall look and sound very interesting and was instantly hooked. Three weeks later I went to go see them for the first time. They were supporting another band so most of the audience didn’t know who they were – except for short little me who already knew all the lyrics by heart.

What has been your favourite ever live show?

It took me a while to choose just one live show as a favourite (surely this isn’t fair?), but I decided to resort to a classic. The first time I saw my favourite band, A Day To Remember. It was my first ever major festival and I had just discovered this band. I had all their songs on the tip of my tongue and was well prepared for their show. They weren’t very big in Norway (where I grew up) at the time so they played in the middle of the day on a small stage. I literally ran to the show as I was running late. The setup was fairly average as this was not a band in focus but I was obsessed at the end of it and I was probably the most excited person in the crowd. I’ve since seen them every opportunity I’ve had.

Who are you tipping for success this year/and or next?

I came across Pale Waves only a couple of days ago (thanks YouTube!) and I will be keeping a close eye on them from now on. I might be biased as I’ve been listening to them on repeat ever since I discovered them but seeing as they already have sold out shows with only two songs on Spotify, I would say that is a pretty clear indicator of what their future holds!

And finally, what are you listening to at the moment?

Aside from Pale Waves, I have been really diving into the psychobilly genre. My current playlist includes Horrorpops, The Creepshow, Nekromantix, The Rocketz and The Cramps to name a few. The only disappointment is that I can’t go and see most of these bands live as they aren’t around anymore. 

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