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Interview: How’s Harry

We caught up with Indie Rock makers How's Harry to talk everything from London venues to free dogs to Bear Grylls.

How’s Harry are a London based Indie Rock/Dark Pop four-piece. They make quality tunes and aside from that, took the time to give us great, in-depth answers to our questions. For that How’s Harry, we salute you! Here’s what the band had to say:

Can you tell us where in the world you are right now and what you’re up to?

Rupert: At work answering these interview Q’s… pretending that I’m writing something totally work-related.

Loz: In the studio writing music and drinking red wine and the occasional tequila shot if I’m feeling spicy.

Ike: The Tate modern, looking at some mark Rothko.

Tom: Paris!

Describe How’s Harry’s sound in 3 words.

Rupert: Fat, Groovy and dank.

Loz: Creamy, layered lasagne

Ike: Big-beats, heart and vibe.

Tom: Energetic, Soulful and Groovy

What was the last gig you went to?

Rupert: Wolf Alice at Ally Pally

Loz: I went to go see my friend Jack’s band, Tiger Lily in Camden: they’re bloody fantastic and know how to play!

Ike: Excluding all the bands we’ve played with at shows, I guess the last gig I went to, just on my downtime was Little Comets at Koko.

Tom: Wolf Alice at Ally Pally

What’s your favourite venue you’ve played and why?

Rupert: Probably the First time we played at Camden Assembly, But back when it was ‘Barfly’. It was the first proper club gig we had done and marked a clear change in the types of gigs we were going to be playing from now on – no more pub gigs to a man and his dog.

Loz: My favourite venue has always been The Joiners in Southampton. They really care about the industry and always get the sound amazing out front. Never had a bad gig there.

Ike: I’d have to say the first time we sold out Barfly (Now the Camden Assembly) – It was the first time I’d looked around an audience and hardly recognised anyone which was really special.

Tom: Hoxton Square B&K: It’s one of the most professional small venues out there in my opinion! The room is a great size (but not too big), great sound and great light show with a strong vibe (the food is dank as well!)

Where do you like to go to find new music?

Rupert: My ‘Go to’ venue is probably The Old Blue Last on Curtain Road. I used to live on the same road in 2016 and I would always go to the free gigs they put on upstairs and still do.

Loz: I tend to explore the internet, I read online magazines that mention new up and coming sounds (bands) also Spotify and Apple playlists are great for finding some of my new favourite artists.

Ike: I tend to read a lot of music blogs, articles and magazines and then go down rabbit holes and get obsessed with certain genres for a few months. I always make sure I’m checking out the Spotify discover weekly, as well as Radio 1.

Tom: We love going to The Old Blue Last. They seem to always have great bands doing really interesting, new, exciting shit and it’s always free entry!

What’s the best thing you’ve ever got for free?

Rupert: Probably my Dog, Lily.

Loz: The best thing I ever got has to be an oyster card I found on the floor in Kings Cross!

Ike: Probably my first Piano.

Tom: A gig at The Old Blue Last!

Outside of music who is your all-time hero?

Rupert: Can’t think of one really… so will just say My Parents, I guess.

Loz: Bear Grylls.

Ike: Ricky, from Trailer Park Boys.

Tom: Gordon Ramsey.

If you won £1000 on a scratch card what would you spend it on?

Rupert: I’d treat myself to some new guitar pedals (that I don’t need) and a new outfit!

Loz: I would spend it on music and gear and more music and probably some Dinner. If I had any left over after spending all that maybe two tickets to Elton johns retirement tour.

Ike: I’d probably be really boring and save it, although I might buy a little holiday!

Tom: I would go and upgrade my microphone locker.


Apart from playing shows, what’s your favourite thing to do in your hometown?

Rupert: I love making films and seeing pals.

Loz: Seeing my family all the way.

Ike: I mean, where to start, there’s so much in London. I guess it’d have to be drinking delicious beer with good people, I also spend far too much of my time watching sport, and going down to The Den to watch my beloved Millwall.

Tom: I think we find that London had a great nightlife. As a band, when we are not creating or performing, we tend to gather our closest friends together and see what cool situations London has to offer us.

What UK festival would you most like to play and why?

Rupert: Probably Reading, because it was my first festival, after doing my GCSE’s.

Loz: Glastonbury, and who wouldn’t?

Ike: I’d have to go for Glastonbury.

Tom: Reading & Leeds, It was the first festival most of us went to when we were 16 and we still reminisce about the crazy antics and the amazing bands we saw, to play would be a dream come true!

There you have it folks! Check out ticketweb.co.uk/howsharry for all upcoming How’s Harry shows.

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