Seth Troxler’s Acid Future takes London this summer…

Unimpressed with the recent rise of EDM and all of its theatrics, Seth Troxler is on a mission to strip things back, reinstate that warehouse feel and pay homage to one of Britain’s biggest rave cultures of yore, Acid House. Troxler reckons the legacy of Acid House has prevented the UK from embracing EDM as the rest of the world has, and plans to bring artists from around the world that embody the Acid House spirit in 2015 to the capital this August.

“Recently I’ve been quite outspoken about my misgivings on the rise of EDM and the culture that surrounds it, but I’ve also noticed that the UK, and specifically London, possibly my favourite city in the world, doesn’t have much of an EDM scene at all,” he muses. “This got me thinking as to why this might be and the simple answer is… acid house.” because, obviously, right?

seth acide

Although we’re not 100% sure if you can really boil it all down to Acid House per se, we’re certainly up for a 5,000 person strong love-in at London’s Tobacco Dock while we celebrate one of the defining moments of the UK’s club culture. You can grab the full line-up below! Tickets are on sale HERE.

Seth Troxler b2b The Martinez Brothers (Tuskegee)
DJ Harvey
Marshall Jefferson
Paranoid London (Live)
Craig Richards
Rework (Live)
Danny Rampling
Cab Drivers
Tom Trago
William Kouam Djoko
Harvard Bass
Felix Dickinson
Bas Ibellini
Filsonik + Jesse Calosso

(No Steve Aoki then, hurr hurr)


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