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Playlist: High Emotion

Get your ears around this!

High Emotion is Neil Diablo and Richard Kelly. Although friends since back in the days when Neil still had hair, High Emotion is a new venture for the pair after deciding to put together a party with the strict proviso that it be fun for everyone involved. As the drummer in Spinal Tap said: “Have a good time all the time”. The music policy is House, Party Boogie and Saloon Music, all night long. All that means is you’re promised a night of good music and pure hedonism should you choose to get involved.

High Emotion has a series of parties planned for 2019 starting with Edinburgh’s Telfort on Saturday 16 March at Yes, Manchester

To celebrate, they’ve created a playlist and told us about each track. Every tune could be listened to on the way to a High Emotion party, or after you get home with a brew.


The Organism – Reflection (Disco Halal)

Memories of hearing Dave Harvey play this not once but twice at Gottwood last year.  Maybe made by a man with questionable dress sense but you can’t say The Organism doesn’t have great taste in making tracks. A highlight from Moscoman’s ever strong Disco Halal label.

Lauer – Realistic

Lauer is our spirit animal. If anyone’s sound sums up what it means to be High Emotion it’s the strong silent arm of Running Back. Italo leanings with a techno edge. He da man! This is one of the highlights from his album on Running Back from last year.

Francis Harris – You Can Always Leave (DJ Sprinkles Remix) 

Terre Thaemlitz taking Francis’ track as deep as a deep sea diver on this remix. Steel drum solo too. What more could you want from one of the best producer/remixers around?

Telfort – Lickety Split

Ace pumping track from the tallest man in Scotland and our next guest on Sat March 16th at YES. We’re hoping he’ll be dropping this doozy of a track plus a couple of others from his own TLFT imprint


Nick Anthony Simoncino – I Feel The Rhythm 

Another fave of the High Emotion office. An Italian stallion of old school production values with a modern nod to the dance floor. Saw him play for 6 hours in London a few years ago so I’m sure he’ll make a High Emotion debut in the future. 

Omer – Dust

Another Berlin Favourite of High Emotion. Impeccable production and easy on the eye if you’re allowed to say that these days?

Soichi Terada – Do It Again

Japanese Do It Better as far as High Emotion are concerned. Charming House Music from the legend that is Soichi. 

Vincent Floyd – Imaginary Voyage

Currently obsessed with Vincent Floyd’s output. All his tracks are classy, refined and deep – just like ourselves. 

Nicola Cruz – Tzantza (Simple Symmetry Remix)

Simple Symmetry adding a touch of Crocodile Dundee vibes via Moscow to Nicola’s track. 

Dow Jones – Just A Techno Groove (Instrumental)

Now Dow Jones are the personification of the three strands of hedonism High Emotion stand for –  House, Party Boogie and Saloon Music. If this doesn’t get your toes tapping, your fingers clicking and your loins burning, don’t come to our party as you’re not invited!

Powder – New Tribe

A new track from Powder’s highly anticipated compilation Beats In Space. The High Emotion interns choice! Watch out for news on Powder making a trip over to Manchester real soon.

Lipelis – Bordeaux Lovin

Another firm favourite around High Emotion HQ. There hasn’t been a party so far that one of his tracks hasn’t been played. You can’t go wrong with this beaut on Public Possession.

Tickets for High Emotion’s upcoming show at YES, Manchester are available now through TicketWeb.uk 

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