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Playlist: Freaky Dancing

Delve into the Manchester acid house scene with this playlist.

Freaky Dancing, the popular Haçienda fanzine focussed around the legendary Manchester nightclub is getting a new lease of life. 

Running for 11 issues between in July 1989 and August 2000, the fanzine was handed out to people in the queue at the nightclub, before reaching a cult status and being sold around Manchester, attracting a peak readership of 750 copies. 

Haçienda founder, the late great Tony Wilson described the fanzine as “the most important piece of journalism I’ve read in the last twenty years.” 

30 years on from its initial run, the folks at The Quietus have compiled the fanzine into a 276-page anthology. Freaky Dancing: The Complete Collection will be released both physically and digitally on 21 February 2019. 

Celebrating the release, there will be a launch party at Soup Kitchen, Manchester on Saturday 2 March 2019. Freaky Dancing’s editors Paul Gill and Ste Pickford will be in conversation with The Quietus’ John Doran on the night, and they’ll be sets from the Classic Uproar ensemble and the acid house master Suddi Raval. 

Ahead of the release, we got Freaky Dancing editor Paul ‘Fish Kid’ Gill to make us a playlist of his favourite tunes from the era. 


A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray 

We were indie kids. You’d spot us in clubs dancing to Joy Division and The Smiths. Then this strange tune would play; it would haunt you on the 192 bus home. This was the future.

Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid 

Wow. This was a super explosion of excitement. Nothing exemplified this more than Stakker Humanoid. Utterly thrilling.

The Stone Roses – Fools Gold

Acid house became Madchester- a horrible term that no one in Manchester used. We were big fans of The Stone Roses; when they released Fools Gold towards the end of 1989 a mate described “like the news”

Together – Hardcore Uproar 

In 1989 – 1990 I lived in a flat opposite the Hacienda. This was the flat were we wrote and drew the Freaky Dancing fanzine. I was asleep one midweek night when two people crashed into my room at 2am. They shook me awake and put a tape into the cassette player next to my bed. Hardcore Uproar! I’d never met Suddi – one half of Together- a great introduction! We must have played it on loop 10 times that night.

Joey Beltram – Energy Flash 

What goes up must come down. And everything got darker. Joey Beltram’s Energy Flash was the scary soundtrack to this period. This track still makes me want to hide behind the couch. It’s wonderful.

Tickets for the launch of Freaky Dancing: The Complete Collection are available now through TicketWeb.uk 

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