Team Behind Electric Brixton Open New Bristol Venue

Not satisfied with running one of London's hottest venues, Electric's Brixton's Mike Weller gives us the skinny on his new Bristol venture, SWX.

What made you guys take on this new venue?

Bristol has always been on our radar as we have worked with dozens of artists and promoters that are based in Bristol and see Bristol as a real hub for new music. We were never looking to emulate The Electric but we knew that we wanted a theatre style venue with a late license that could easily hold both live and club events. We fell in love with the space on our first site visit and then two years later here we are.

What do you think the venue can add to the Bristol scene? / What can fans expect?

Bristol has some fantastic venues but we felt there was a gap capacity and that we could offer a touring standard live space that could also hold banging club nights across three rooms. Straight off the bat we are already helping the team at SWX slot in credible DJ talent for both of the venue’s weekly club nights and we are in the middle of booking the live room out for 2018 with four national promoters.

Do you see a connection between the atmosphere of Brixton & Bristol?

Yes most definitely.  With both of the main rooms being theatre style, compact and with unfettered sight lines both rooms are intense as each other. We would never dream of skipping on production and both rooms are really over specced.

Which shows are you most looking forward to seeing at the new venue?

Django Django live and Wilkinson.

What’s changed about the scene in the time since you started at Electric Brixton.

So much but mainly seeing new acts being propelled from 500 tickets to 5,000 tickets within a matter of weeks. Being 1600 cap we have to do our best and get in quick.

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