Here’s What You Need To Know About Fluffer Pit Parties

Introducing a series of events guaranteed to give you goosebumps all over (the good kind). These gigs will rekindle your love for Punk Rock culture through epic live performances. See you in the pit.

What’s Pit Parties all about then?

Bored with the placid live scene in London, underground collective Fluffer Records decided to start throwing warehouse parties in secret locations around the capital. Building a 360 stage in the middle of the room and curating insane line ups of the best guitar bands from around the world including The Black Lips, The Wytches and DZ Deathrays.

But that was last year. Now for a whole new round of pit parties, in more insane secret venues, with even bigger lineups. Minds will be blown.

Here’s what went down when The Wytches played a pit party last year:: 

Where’s it happening?

Secret warehouses, disused ballrooms and a derelict theatre. All 5 mins walk from Hackney Central. Address emailed to ticket holders 24 hours before the party.

Who’s playing?

First up an all day (and night) Warehouse party for Jaws and PINS plus 7 of the hottest new psych/punk/garage bands from around the UK.

Closely followed by Deap Vally, Japandroids and Spring King through the summer.

If you don’t like having your face melted off don’t bother getting involved. For those of you who can handle the heat secure your tickets to the upcoming Fluffer Pit Parties here: