New Music: IDER

Warning! I am about to introduce you to your new favourite twosome. Do not continue reading if you don’t want to fall in love with IDER – the English girls…


Quiz: Drake Or Fake

In case you haven’t heard…Drake’s going on tour early next year and it is going to be insane! We want to know how big a Drake fan you are! Here’re…


New Music: James Hersey

Meet the Vienna-born slickster who has become a streaming sensation almost overnight. James Hersey’s vocal and songwriting skill have proved irresistible, not only to fans but to influential electronic artists too….


New Music: Plaitum

Reader! Are you paying attention? Good. Before we begin, spend five minutes watching Plaitum’s excellent new video below, then we’ll discuss. Told you it was good. Enlisting the help of…